How To Stable Bonito horses or cows in Minecraft

cows stable minecraft

Being able to interact with different things on a universe is a key thing for the success of a game because it makes the player to feel like part of the world. A power interact with characters, objects, animals and others, makes the player feel that makes a difference in the world around him, as can happen in games like The Elder Scrolls V:. Skyrim

where killing a hen in a region makes other local characters chase you for a crime. This makes the game realistic feel and that the world feels authentic to the actions taken, causing player to think what to do in certain scenarios.

There are games that have managed to implement this good Thus, since there are lots of games where you can interact with almost anything and influence lots of different events that happen in the game. How to Stable Bonito horses or cows in Minecraft

But, among all games that do this, probably the best of them is Minecraft only by the fact that every thing we found can be changed in some way or at least modified in certain respects, either land or mobs.

in addition, animals in Minecraft are an excellent way to demonstrate this, being able to have different relationships with animals. This is mentioned because there are aggressive animals as passive, which can be tamed, and many of them have utility for the player, to the point of being able to create farms and obtain resources from these animals.

In the case horses, we can assemble and feed and even pair them, which can make them end up taking appreciation or one in particular. And if this happens, and you want to give a welcoming home your horse, you can use the following guide to crearles a nice stable your horses to live and insurance are overnight.

brown minecraft house


In Minecraft your own creativity is the limit you wear to create something, and that any type of building or project you want to create is applied.

If you want to do a castle solid gold, or even an underwater city, because they do not have many limits to explore or construct, provided you have the available materials.

the same applies to the stable you want to build, and a stable in Minecraft can be made of anything you want, but in this tutorial, we will use some basic materials that can find or easily manufactured, as made ra, glass and hay bales .

minecraft house

Building your barn

The size of your barn will depend on how many want horses have or at least how much space you want to give a horse in particular. But, following what we said above, we will aim to do a barn with a rustic aesthetic, but simple and attractive, like the real stables.

But note that horse, we recommend that space of each stall to be of the least two blocks in width and length to the least four blocks; the high can be modified, but less three blocks of high , without the ceiling is recommended in terms of aesthetics and comfort when moving.

You can make four wooden pillars, considering that you can use tables or freshly cut wood from a tree depending on the environment you want to create.

Then, joins those four columns above and below, which will leave a holes you can fill with glass the color you want, but we recommend you to plug the rear the same stable.

also, you can make a ceiling with stone sand or stairs of the material and make an entry with a couple of doors fence to continue the rustic theme.

Finally, add a floor bales of hay continue with the same theme, and put a pot full of water and a bale of hay at the end not to leave the horse without food or water. Surely with this article and you will have gained more experience in Minecraft, allowing you you can play like a pro.

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