How to solve or resolve the error ‘Minecraft is to Stopped or Closed’

The world sandbox games has taken the gaming industry by the horns and dominated the market for many years, thanks to his style of play so universal and its possibilities as large , virtually infinite, to revolutionize the concept of creating style free, and by unanimous decision one of the most popular games, and also considered the best, is Minecraft.

already today Minecraft needs very little introduction, because for the last decade has led gender thanks to its revolutionary propositions and gameplay simple but not limited to, its constant updates that always change details to offer a new experience to the user.

in addition to its presence in all platforms, and its version «Bedrock» the selected mobile devices and game consoles.

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Solutions for error ‘Minecraft is a stopped or closed’

on mobile devices the application is known as «Minecraft: Pocket Edition» though it is also known as the «Bedrock version» as it shares details with versions for Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, although the difference it has is that its functions are mixed with those of a conventional set of cell, so their solutions are similar to which they are already known.

the application may be outdated

the first step to play Minecraft on a cell it is able to download, which can be easily either from the official website or from the Play Store , always looking for download Pocket Edition as any other version will not function properly. < / P>

If you already have the application downloaded is important to verify that the version of Minecraft is downloaded is the latest, since the game needs to be updated so they can not have problems performance and compatibility between details of each version, because when older versions are used the most recent being at the time the article 1.16 «Nether Update» is written.

the phone may be the problem

There are times in which the application does not require any change because the cell has the problems, which can vary greatly between devices. The main problem may be lack of RAM , causing problems when the worlds of Minecraft are in a multiplayer world, since servers can be easily overloaded.

Another problem that may arise is a lack of internal memory, which overload the operation of the cell itself and requires you to remove either the cache of the game, the overall cache cell or applications that are not used in the mobile. The idea is to allow the cell has enough space in RAM and internal memory to run Minecraft functions smoothly.

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How to configure the game to run smoothly

What is better than solving a problem? Prevent, and Minecraft There are many options that allow the game to run on mobile low-end without having to explode, very similarly to the options you have the desktop version (which can be Java or the version for Windows 10) and is as simple as undermining a stone block.

visual options Minecraft

Minecraft has very simple graphics and is not a secret that his cubic design provides a larger optimization and other survival sandbox games that work with graphics more elaborate, but it does not mean that the does not have technical details that affect performance . Settings Minecraft allow you to change aspects without even having to get into the game itself.

The most important thing when configuring aspects is the performance of «Chunks» which is a measure block loading the world to render in real time. The game will bring by default a number of chunks capable of being rendered which can be many for some cell, so that it is advisable to lower the amount to fewer than 10 chunks for your performance improves.

Another option to consider is the environmental details like clouds, particles, lights and graphics, all able to be changed so that it can be elegant and more advanced or with fast graphics that lose some of stylization in the final result. All found in the menu «Settings» application.

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