How to reduce or eliminate the lag in Minecraft to optimize the game without adding RAM

Since the COVID 19 struck the world, all we had to take quite radical changes in our lifestyles. It’s why people today can say they no longer go out much, they will not so often to work and that not longer meet almost friends.

If all the world is at home, means that everyone is going to be even more dependent on their electronic equipment. This is a fact, because in the world there was a lump in demand for Internet services and the electricity service. Since everyone is at home, playing video games have been recruiting new members daily.

When you’re a first-time player, or take very little time in the industry, you know that a basic concept is the speed at which you can play a game on your computer < / strong>. Minecraft is one of the best games offline for Android. If you want to make you run faster on your PC or on your Android, we’ll show you how.

What is Lag in Minecraft? How does it affect my game?

The lag is a phenomenon that occurs when things do not go far enough you FLUENT in a virtual environment. So to speak, between things are more fluid means that the team is better able to run them. In the case of video games, they can have sections graphics that can make the computer not to run smoothly.

If your game does not run smoothly, you will have a very slow reaction time . Imagine that the game sends you a creeper in your way, but you have lag. You have not been able to see the creepers come by the lag, but the game continues to record the monster is coming towards you. When you leave the lag and you realize that you have the creeper close, it is too late, because already died in the explosion.

lag occurs because when the game is running, your computer what really does is generate a series of images so seguidad that are available on your screen in order to make the illusion of fluidity as something of real life. More pics from your computer generate better go. Old computers usualemten generate few, and the amount is measured in frames per second.

Humans have a vision that allows us to experience the world 30fps . the vast majority of games try to run over them.

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How to eliminate the lag on my computer without adding RAM?

first, make sure your computer is capable of running minecraft minimus. If your computer fulfills them but little, you will have to lower quality graphics of your game to benefit the fluidity with which it runs.

To do this you need to put the game paused and then go to the options section. Here, you’ll see a box that says «Graphics». Dale click and take you to a list that has opcione graphics of the game. We recommend turning off boxes «beautiful graphics», «soft lighting», «Beautiful Skies» and «nod».

Also, you will need also lower the amount of chunks that loads your computer per second. Usually set to the minimum.

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How to eliminate the lag in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

it is important to avoid having other applications running in the background, as this It makes your phone can not dedicate 100% to run the game. On the other hand, if you have too many games or applications downloaded to your phone, your RAM may be overburdening and you’ll need need the Ram free from your phone. One way to avoid this is removing apps that do not use anymore.

Also, avoid playing being connected or plugged in, it can damage your battery too. Finally, it is important to know that too much brightness play makes your team to strive for more.

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