How to recover my things, objects and items in Minecraft after death

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A playing any game, we all costs a little reach our goal in a single attempt. In fact, it is possible to die at some point in the game when we want to advance. And Minecraft is no exception. If you die often playing, here we show how to recover your things, objects and items in Minecraft after death .

It is true that we can die in the game, but when back to the game with more energy than ever, you might want recover your belongings . Well, in this article we show you how you can do it easily. Recovering my things, objects and items in Minecraft After Morir

How to recover my stuff in Minecraft after death?

either because we are fighting against the many monsters that attack us in Minecraft or because we fall from a high place, we burn them, envenenemos, or suffer some other problem, it is normal to die in Minecraft. In fact, almost all of us it happens very often to the start playing Minecraft online or offline for the first time.

And, no matter how experienced we are with the passage of time, death no longer something that we happen often. But when we die while we have our several valuable items within the game, we can not do more than feel frustrated and wonder how easily retrieve them.

For the benefit of all players, there are several ways protect our objects Minecraft threats.

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of course, there are several aspects to consider when trying to recover our items to dying , for example, the manner of death. That is why today also discuss how you know when you retrieve your belongings, and when it is simply impossible.

What to have the deal in mind of recovering my stuff in Minecraft after death?

While it is true that we can get our things and objects in Minecraft in certain cases, there are certain details that you remember the try. Objects that we had time to die remain in the place of death , provided that no aspect of the exterior of damaged or destroyed.

There’s the problem, because normally when we die, we do it because of something that can also damage the objects we carry in the backpack in Minecraft. For example, if we fall into lava, our stuff is incinerated at the moment have fallen, and if we burn, they will burn us. Similarly, if you kill us is a Explosion our stuff will not survive to tell the tale.

On the other hand, if near the place of our death had constant water currents, is these may leave our belongings and where we least expect it carried. And yes, however, what we had with us fall into a cactus, this sadly will break everything.

Also You have to recoder that need to be fast because all you had in your inventory before dying, can only be there for five minutes. In addition, you can also retrieve all the experience you lost if you quick access to the search.

What are some ways I can protect my stuff if I die in Minecraft?

Although within the game our objects themselves which are vulnerable to the elements, there are ways in which we protect them so that they are not damaged. All you have to do is install a mod to help you achieve, that is, the wonderful mod Lootable Bodies.

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This mod is not of the conventional all, because not simply prevents damage our stuff and they stay in the same place. In fact, what it does is leave our body at the place of death.

Yes, as you heard, is the body that can recover. In it, we find each and every one of the items we had at the time of death.

Of course, the benefit of this, is that said body will be totally immune to all dangers that surround ; nothing can end our belongings.

Perhaps this is not a mod for everyone, but there is no doubt that fulfills its function perfectly. We encourage you to be careful playing and follow the steps here we gave you to recover your stuff if you die in Minecraft .

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