How to Read a Map Minecraft or a map of the Treasury

Having adventures in Minecraft using maps

No doubt, to exploring in Minecraft, there are many things we can find: temples, forts, igloos, among many others; in which we can find wonderful and really valuable treasures. While it is true that we find on our own, there is a much simpler way. Today we show how to read a map on Minecraft or map of the treasure . How to read a map on Minecraft or a map of the Treasury

With the help of the maps available in Minecraft, we can < strong> explore and explore our world much more safely and accurately, besides being really entertaining to follow. If you continue reading this article, we assure you will be an expert explorer and you can go to the ends of your Minecraft world without fear.

How to read a map on Minecraft?

Minecraft gives us a lot of tools to help us and make it much easier our journey as scouts.

for example, we can enjoy the compass you can make it point to do not miss your house; plus transport and different ways to transport all our belongings. But many will agree that the map is one of the objects or items more useful at stake, especially if this is a map of the treasure.

But to embark on a new adventure, you need to have a idea how to work these maps and how to read them accurately and safely.

 Go to a village with a map

that’s why, in this article, we show you how you can get the most out Minecraft maps available and how to reach your goal of being a whole browser. But, first of all, need to know how to get or make a map table mapping.

How to get a map or map of the treasure in Minecraft?

Before you can start map used in the game is more than necessary to get one. Have a common current map and is very easy because you can easily crafting to the put a compass in the center of the worktable , and surrounding it with paper. Once you’ve done this, you only have to read the same and you can even improve it with useful table mapping.

Now, if you want to get a map of genuine treasure , that’s when the task gets a bit complicated. These maps give us a direct guide to the treasures and monuments we want, which makes them one of the tools most coveted by players. One way to get one is doing business with the villagers, especially cartographers.

It is true that not all villagers in this profession will allow us to exchange, but these maps if we’re lucky, we can find one if we let get it. And another way to get one of these maps, is finding chests of shipwrecks or underwater ruins. To do this, you must first get an ocean, as is evident.

Steps to read maps

Once we have on hand one of these useful maps, we just miss reading it. Although this may sound somewhat complicated for someone who never has done, actually maps are very simple to read .

To begin with, if we read an ordinary map, we must understand that this is being created as the player moves through the world. So in Minecraft maps can expand or get bigger.

Read a Minecraft map to find treasures

Each pixel of the same corresponds to a part of the world, and from it you can see the places or buildings that are in it. It is these will highlight only the most striking parts of the world, for example, it blocks more dark or large . Similarly, the map will show if there is water that is less than 15 blocks deep into the clear blue display instead of a dark tone.

In addition, we will be represented as a red dot on the map. And in the case of maps of the treasure, the operation is the same, only an arrow constantly show us the way to the treasure , and stop on it.

we encourage you to keep learning about this wonderful tool that is the read a map on Minecraft , and you achieve to make the most possible on your big adventure playing.

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