How to put or Enable Full Screen in Minecraft without look bad? (Example)

Minecraft is one of the best games optimized to exists. And literally this can cum in a blender if you have java and a good graphics card. However, there are several options for internal errors sometimes cause problems. That is why you will see today How to enable full screen in Minecraft without look bad.

This perhaps may sound like something that should not be more important, but really, for those working in the world of Youtube or streaming is essential to change the resolution of your screen, otherwise the game will not look good and final quality will be lost.

as a tip, before you start optimizing shoulds and improve the performance of the Minecraft, since the increase will need screen to run at its maximum. Putting or Enable Full screen in Minecraft without look bad

How to enable full in Minecraft screen without look bad?

So you can answer the question How to enable full screen on Minecraft without look bad? you have to keep in mind that in most cases screen should not be bad being maximized.

Now that the Minecraft (the version of Java less), it automatically changes and adapts resolution. If the attempt to enable the screen you look bad, then it’s a problem with your video card and need to change it.

or to not be so extreme have to go to the «Options» < / strong> of the game and then change the distance you can see a minimum or medium. This should cause it to look good game and also the possible lag disappears.

Now if your problem is not that it looks bad game as such, but the screen is cut or black for this if there are different solutions, but it depends on the version of Minecraft you have. The most popular solution is to edit the resolution in the launcher.

beacon of light

to this must go to that section and before entering the game press the white button labeled «Edit Profile «, there will be a box labeled « resolution «, activate it and proceeds to change the resolution of your screen (places exactly like neither more nor less), then give a «Save Profile» to save.

in the event that your problem is not resolved, it may be because your screen is smaller than the optimal resolution calling Mojang by default, for this there is no longer an alternative to switch monitor or connect the computer elsewhere.

Minecraft Windows 10 edition

Now that you know the above should be able to fix the error in the editing of java. But the question How to enable full screen in Minecraft without look bad? will not be complete until the problem is covered in all versions happens, so now you will see the solution in Windows 10 .

in this system many times the Minecraft can be cut, or simply obstructed by other items on the screen, the solution or rather trick is hiding them. The first step is to go to the taskbar (which is one of the elements cluttering), and click right click on it (press F11 before to activate full screen). < p> peaceful landscape of minecraft

This will make several choices unfold where you must choose « Properties «, then check the box to take name «Hide taskbar» and ready, with that will an element less in the way of the game.

the second thing we have to do to remove the white banner that appears above the name of the game and version, for this you need is go to the panel « Notifications «found on the bottom right and give the right click to display options. Choose «tablet mode».

With that and stay all finished so the answer to the question how to enable the full screen Minecraft without I look bad ?, I was finally answered. For the game go bad for you because of the increase of the screen, then must optimize Minecraft on Windows 10 edition to increase FPS, and do not go with Lag game.

As final data know that no matter the version, the problem can also be solved by uninstalling, delete and delete Minecraft (though not always work).

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