How to play multiplayer or two people or more on Minecraft? (Example)

If your goal is to create a world shared in Minecraft to play with friends, then you’ve come to the right place to learn how, because here you will learn how to play multiplayer or two people or more Minecraft, this is very easy and should not be computing a genius to do so.

of course, that is not the same connection method you use for your console. But just you do not need or know programming or have any experience, because with the instructions simple there below achieve your goal quickly. How to Play Multiplayer or two people or more on Minecraft

However, if you want to play online with a friend Minecraft with or without Hamachi, then steps will be different and this tutorial will not help. The same applies if you want to open a server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in aternos, or any other creation page.

How play multiplayer or two people or more on Minecraft?

Before starting with the response to How play multiplayer or two people or more Minecraft ? should know that there are several ways to do this and depends on your version of the game, so today you will learn in parts, starting with PC:

first of all is find a server where you can play, this process can not be performed within the game, but you have to go to your favorite browser and search any site servers. Best today are: Minecraftservers, Minecraftforum and planetminecraft

There are looking for some active server and locates its IP address (usually it is in the section « About » of the server). . In that mime section most likely have a tab statistics server, such as how long you spend online and how to play this handles

 minecraft romantic couple

Note that before you choose, because each server is a different experience and if you are looking for a specific, you have to see which one best suits you. When you have already chosen copy the IP address and then go to your game.

A being on the screen of the launcher, choose the version of the game in which runs the server that you chose (this is in the same tab information), when you’ve changed as it should be, open Minecraft.

Then give to the button « Multiplayer » and then squeezes section «Add server» , there you can add the IP that you copied and the name of the server, and then give « Done «. With already saved changes, should be the added server, so click on «Join Server».

Play multiplayer Minecraft Pocket

Now that you know this, you say you know the first part of How play multiplayer or two people or more on Minecraft ?, so it’s time you learned to do it in your paperback.

First go to the browser and looking for a server on the following pages: Minecraftpocket-servers, MCPE.statistics, MCPEhub, among others. When you have decided on a page, look at the overall statistics and what offers each server listed.

Remember that the Pocket Edition can not change version, so you can only play on servers that have the same update that you (almost always the servers have the latest version).

 Tarvi Minecraft

Under each server should be the address and port number (address letters are separated points, and the port number is the one that comes after the symbol (:). a having them and go to your game and give « play «, then press the « New button < /strong>«.

Seguidamente press the external button that can be identified as an icon with a white cross and arrow. to enter the server information dale to «Add server» , put data and spués again «Add server» with this you will have already saved the site, and you only need to touch it to enter.

And ready, with that just your learning today, if all it went well and should know the answer to the question How play multiplayer or two people or more on Minecraft? so you can go running to your favorite device and start the fun.

Finally, take note that these explanations were for users who are normally Prémium, so if your version of the game is not official, then you have to learn how to enter and join a minecraft server not Premium. < / p>

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