How to Play Minecraft Online with a friend with or without Hamachi? (Example)

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Minecraft has a large community of loyal players to their style and since its inception has done nothing but grow. Play Minecraft online with a friend, it has become an alternative to increase their reach and interest in the game modes offered. How to Play Minecraft Online with a friend with or without Hamachi

​​Both those they discover and download the launcher Minecraft non-premium PC, they have also sought ways to play and thus further enjoy the experience of cubes.

What should I know to play Minecraft online with a friend?

to play multiplayer or with two or more people to Minecraft, you must first know your situation regarding the game and your current location. Because it is important? Because there are dedicated servers that are paid and it all depends if you «Premium» (paid version) or « Non-Premium » (bootleg version) to enjoy them.

it should be noted that depending on the location can play with your friends if they are in the same local network or on the contrary, play through LAN inviting people who are not in the same local network using «Hamachi «.

Create game online without Hamachi

First, you must start the game and then click the» Singleplayer «followed by » Create New World «. Properly executed these steps, you can appoint as plazcas to the world or game you are creating.

 creationof worlds of Minecraft

Below the box name, you will have the gameplay to suit your tastes in the» Game Mode «. You can choose between creative way, adventure or other. At the bottom, option B will show «will proceed to charge the corresponding item with the previous features already assigned.

In that sense, already within the map or the created world, press the button» Esc «to display the menu of the game. Press «Start LAN World» so that the item is loaded in LAN and be visible to players who share the same local network.

Now acquaintances, friends or players must enter to play and press « Multiplayer «. Then on the main screen will reflect the name of the server that awarded him its creator. Is not nothing but select the world and press «Join Server».

Create Game online with Hamachi

The first thing you have to do is obviously download, install and configure Hamachi. This is a VPN service that generates a local network to play Minecraft online with a friend who is not connected to the same network as the main user. The application is free, you simply need to go to its website; and being on the home page, press «Download now » to begin download.

Then select « Run » to start with installation. After the required time, it opens the application complies with the requested record by creating a new user with your email address and password

 Hamachi interface

When the session is initiated, it will be shown a menu with two options. Press «Create a new network » and places a name that must be unique. You can set it as a private network formulating a public key or just keep it. In notes, copies the IP address that appears at first glance to slash « / » and save it.

Then, go to Minecraft as usual and creates the world that will be used as a server for the people you want to play, following the directions as if it were an everyday game without using Hamachi.

within the world, at the bottom left of the screen the number appears port of departure generated. In notes, copy the digits and then paste it to place two points «:» to the IP address previously saved. Example: 55.36.447.12:55441.

Para Minecraft play online with a friend, this must have Hamachi already installed and log on. Press «Join a network existing» enter the network name and finally connect.

Next, you must open equally Minecraft and press the « Multiplayer option < / strong> «, select » Direct Connect « and within the box labeled » Server address « paste the IP address plus the port of departure, data to be facilitated by who created the game. Pressing «Join Server» and you’re ready to play!

For users concerned do not share a platform specifically to play, then you need to figure out how to play Minecraft using multiplatform with other friends, so we can enjoy this game as it should.

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