How to optimize and improve performance in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in which goes through different worlds also be detected that the game can sometimes improve and optimize if you go slow. In carrying out all the steps described below Minecraft should work well, as it was found optimized.

Usually some users Minecraft pass unnoticed the fact optimize play. However, this is a very useful alternative, especially if you want to improve the performance of the game. Why then explain step by step how you can do it. How to Optimize and Improve Performance Minecraft

Easily enhance performance Minecraft

It is important to note that you must have in the equipment with the latest java update also needed to free up some memory. This is done by clicking on « Home » and find «Run» then you type «temp» and press «OK».

once you enter the folder you must select all the files that are there and then delete them, because those are junk files that accumulate there. Therefore it is advisable to remove them from time to time.

You must enter again in «Run» and type «% temp%» to the entry also must remove every item that are within. You can then deactivate some options that are not necessary while you are playing, so you should enter file browser and click « computer » should right-click on the option ‘properties’.

it also can enter the « advanced settings system » to the open a new window click on «adjust to maintain the best performance», then apply and finally accept. In this way the computer graphics consume less resources.

Then you can enter Minecraft, the « Esc » is entered into options and click on graphic key is pressed. At the opening of the graph options menu should be set to fast graphic quality; soft lighting to a minimum, particles minimum and the latter two options are not changed

Then in the right pane in shades of identities states that «no» maximum FPS. should be set to 60 FPS. And in rendering must be allowed into two chunks. Together the «fact» key to get out of there and return to the game press

Minecraft. Steps to optimize

Then to being inside the game press the key « F3 » it will overlay written about the game which indicated how many FPS will play. Usually marked on 60 FPS if so can go up chunks of the previous step.

If performing the process play continues slow to install the « optifine «, for this we must leave the game and enter the page optifine.

a the enter page the second tab of the menu which corresponds to» download press < / strong> «. It contains all versions of Minecraft in which you can install the optifine.

Always download the most current version, when Click is directed to a new page where you should wait about six seconds to load. You can then click on «skip» then click on «download» to the end you can find it on the desktop.

So should give you right click and open with java to select to «install» and then «OK». Then open the launcher Minecraft and at the bottom click on ‘edit profile’, then the option of Minecraft select corresponding also says optifine.

Finally, click on « Save profile » and enters the game again should enter «graphic settings» and find more options that can be adjusted to further improve performance. No trees: default, sky: no, fog: no edges. For example, click on «details» and the following, clouds set fast

Then on the tab «animations «option is selected» all no. » Then you enter into «quality» and new options are set: for example in crystalline water is not selected and so on. Then the «performance» is set, finally going to «several options» where you can leave default.

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