How to Open and On Command Console in Minecraft on all platforms? (Example)

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Everyone knows Minecraft has various game modes such as survival and creative, which allow you to have different experiences. What not everyone knows is that there are tricks that allow survival mode change creative quickly. Why You will learn how to open and activate the command console in Minecraft on all platforms .

And, since ancient times whenever a game becomes very popular not take long for someone (the same developers in many cases), tricks serve that although trap, allow everyone to have fun (a clear example of this is gta san andreas). open and on command console in Minecraft on all platforms

open and activate the command console in Minecraft on all platforms

the first thing you need to know to go straight to the grain is that if you can open and activate the command console in Minecraft on all platforms, but each is different, so today tutorial is separated into several parts.

the process number one will learn the Java edition version (which you can download as others from their official website) . To begin, first open the settings that appear just before putting the name to create your world.

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to reach these settings by pressing the button» More options world «beneath the Name. When you’re in that section enables cheat options. That done only have to press the letter « T » in the game, so you leave the console and can enter tricks.

Version of Windows 10

If your Minecraft is the version of Windows 10, then you must follow a process similar to the previous one. I mean, you have to go to the window that is just before creating the world, and look for the tab that is called «Enable tricks» to the Enable it and go find it. Then in the only game you have to press the letter « T » and the console will automatically appear so you can write on it.

Notably Mojang created a command block for this and Java version, which is much more complete and brings many more commands to configure the game (for example, you can unban one server or user in the case of online mode). But this single block can get creative, so it is recommended that you place on your game just start and then you switch to survival if you want.

Activate commands on consoles

with what you read previously only has been answered part of the question How to open and activate the command console in Minecraft on all platforms? to complete it is necessary to speak about versions console and mobile. In the event you have an Xbox one or any other console, you have to know that this version of the game does not provide or block command or the console.

However, yes it can be entered one another command and this is done as follows: go to a game already created and look for the section «More options» , within this squeezes «game options» .

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Then enable privileges the host of the game. Finally comes into your world and there press the button one Xbox adjustment (in the case of the PS4 is the touch panel and the switch is the button arrows on the sides). Such action will allow you to enter some commands.

mobile version

To finally fully answer the question How to open and activate the command console in Minecraft on all platforms ?, you enable this option on your mobile. If you want to do this, go to the screen displayed just before creating a world and look for the « On tricks » option, press above it and Enable it.

Then create your world and being pressed in the « Chat » that appears at the top, and the console button will open and finally you can enter your tricks. That already was answered the initial question, so go and start the fun.

If you wonder what tricks are activated on the console, you have to know that everyone from winning or removing experience, to change the day and night. It is obvious that not only enough to activate the console to do that, you also have to know how to put or add commands and what they are.

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