How to name the Animals and Pets in Minecraft

In Minecraft, animals used for meat, to serve as defense and transport. Still, some people choose to have an animal as a pet, and want to name. So today we’ll show you How to name animals and pets in Minecraft. 

Names of entities

Every object in Minecraft that moves and is not a block is considered an entity. It is a bit more complicated, but that’s the simple explanation. Some objects like brackets Armor are entities.  However, most entities are animals, monsters or the same player. 

Some entities may have a name assigned.  The game remembers the name and displays above it. This is especially useful with the monsters, because a monster name will not disappear unless the difficulty is set in peaceful. 

Names of animals

The animals are entities, and as such, they can have a name. Animals and monsters show his name over your head, unlike other entities, as a support for armor. 

How to name the animals?

All mobs (animals and monsters) can have a name, with the exception of the Dragon and the same player. To name an animal, do you need or crafting a name tag

Name tags

Name tags are objects difficult to get into the world of Minecraft because not be manufactured. There are three ways to obtain them. chests </ strong> dungeon, abandoned mines and mansions of the forest can contain name tags, and are the easiest way to obtain

in the Java version, the coffers of abandoned mines have 42% probability of labels contain name, the dungeon 28.3% and 28.3% also mansions. There is also a 0.8% probability of obtaining fishing . In addition, the can buy a villager  with the library profession senior. 

How to use name tags

To name a animal, you must first naming the. To do this you need to craft an anvil, and also costs a level of experience. Simply place the label on the first space of the anvil and change the name in the above area. The resulting label will have the name you want. 

To put the name to the animal, you must take your name tag and press the button ‘Use’ on the animal. doing so the animal and will have the name you want 

After using a name tag, it disappears.; so you should think very well how you want to use. In addition, naming a label always costs a level of experience, no matter how many names labels the same time.

If you managed to tame a horse, using the name tag will make you ride on it. To ‘Use’ label rather than hop on it, crouch and then use the label.

After renaming an animal can never take away the name, but you can use another tag to rename any another thing. The only animals show their name if you see from less than 4 blocks  away, and there are some angles that will allow not see your name.

Other uses of the name tag

monsters and animals in the game tend to disappear if the player is not nearby. So a very common practice is to use name tags to prevent this from happening.  An animal that has been named does not disappear unless you die, and a monster named only disappears if the difficulty changes . Pacific 

in addition, the creator of Minecraft added some ‘easter eggs’ or inside jokes that can be activated with name tags, some are:

  • A Vindicator that ‘Johnny’ is call will be much more aggressive than usual. This is a reference to the film ‘The Shining’.
  • Any mob that is called ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grumm’ will appear on the reverse. This is a reference to the developer Nathan Adams, alias Dinnerbone, who identifies with your avatar to the reverse.

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