How to merge or Paste Crystals in Minecraft and more transparent Making them?

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Minecraft is a game of construction has become famous for the range of elements it contains. This it is characterized by representing all objects with blocks and generate a particular aesthetic. However, some blocks like glass, have a good finish for users, so has generated a way to unite or paste crystals in Minecraft.

Several blocks within the game there are finishes that no quite fit and players prefer modified to give it a touch more realistic . For this there are packages textures, are files that modify the way the blocks are displayed in Minecraft (note that to avoid problems is good to download the original version of the game but you have). How to Join or Paste crystals in Minecraft and make them more transparent

Installing necessary elements for joining or gluing crystals in Minecraft

there are several ways to accomplish this, either by direct modification of files Minecraft, under the installing a texture pack or under other more complex methods. However, the fastest and easiest is based on the installation of a texture pack.

Installing the OptiFine

To join or glue crystals in Minecraft you need to download first < strong> «OptiFine» for Minecraft version that is being used (we recommend upgrading to the latest version). After downloading the file you need to install in Minecraft.

You need to open the window to run, to do so in Windows you must press the Techa « Windows » and « R «at the same time. In the window that appears you must enter «% AppData%» and press the Techa « Enter «.

Then in the window that opens is You should look for the «. Minecraft» folder, then right-click and select the « Open «. Within that must be entered into the folder named « Mods » with the same procedure as above.

 minecraft blocks

to complete the installation necessary to copy the downloaded file to the «Mods» and in some cases require unzip with a program like WinRAR.

note that it is extremely important verified in the version of Minecraft and this match that of the OptiFine , because a mistake will generate errors in the game. It is necessary to open the game and prove that it is working properly to ensure proper installation.

Once installed can now continue with installation of package textures, plus optifine serves to optimize and improve performance, which will prevent Minecraft go slow and jerky.

Installing package textures Soartex

This texture pack is the one that will allow bonding or gluing crystals in Minecraft and these are displayed transparent . On the Internet there are many such packages that perform the same function could look different and perform the same installation process.

It is important to note that packs textures are from reliable sources, due to these could include malwares or spywares that might endanger the computer. This texture pack is recommended and comes from a reliable source so it is completely safe and viable installation.

You need to enter the following link « /» and download both the « Invictus » as the « Fanver «. Clicking the « Download » option in the version of the package that is appropriate for the version of the Minecraft. Then to install it is to open necessary again « Run » window, enter «% AppData%» and select « OK

In the window that emerged, seek the «. Minecraft» and then must enter the file «Resourcepacks» . In that folder should move the two previously downloaded files without decompressing.

 landscape of the minecraft game

How to configure the Minecraft to bind or glue crystals in Minecraft?

Since the above steps completed, you need to open the Minecraft and enter a world in creative ways. The creative mode allows to have glass blocks quickly to verify correct operation. The following will press the « Esc «, select « Options » button and finally click to «Resource Pack».

in this window you must first enable the package «Fanver» and then the « Invictus «, by clicking on the image of the resource bundle. To apply these changes is necessary to select « OK «. With these steps, you should view the glass blocks borderless and transparent, thanks to the texture pack.

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