How to Make or Create a village Villagers in Minecraft – Customize your village

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The world of video games has reached big Butts terms graphic having each of the games as well as the mechanical and the way they tell their story. It has seen great progress since the early days of video games a few decades ago, and has made every effort to improve the industry gradually.

This has resulted in a community < / strong> fairly large, who are always looking for the best, most innovative and most aesthetic, but does not always have to be. Sometimes the games do not have to have graphics extremely detailed, or extremely stories complex to catch a player How to Make or Create a village Villagers in Minecraft -. Customize your village

Sometimes, with just create an interesting world building large and difficult things, which can be explored and what you in many activities to do with the player, you can create a complete enough game for a player base, as the past has with different games in the past. However, although there are several games that can meet several of these aspects, one stands out above all. Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you do not have to follow a story (although the It has) nor have to make a specific activity. With pixelated graphics and an emphasis on exploring a big world, Minecraft comes to love his players for the simple charm of having nothing specific to do more to explore, build and transform. or best of all, you can create a shared world so you can play Minecraft with friends.

And, with so much to do in a game that does not seem to have much in terms of activities is concerned, it is surprising to know that you can even build a wooden house, saddles, build a bridge and last but not form villages for certain types of characters within the game , and if you’re interested, look below how you can do this.

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What are the villagers and how to build a village?

Within the world of Minecraft there are a number of animals and creatures that inhabit the world, these same being called Mobs community. There are all kinds of monsters, from aggressive form of skeletons, to paisivos in the form of rabbits and other animals.

And most of these mobs can be manipulated in certain ways to get valuable materials from them so you can build new tools or appliances. But if you want to use mobs to liven up your world, you can use the villagers.

The villagers are mobs that randomly appear in villages automatically generated on your map of Minecraft, so you can find them almost anywhere. But often their villages can be a bit boring because they do not have too much, and they can easily be killed by other mobs.

So if you want a construction project interesting, you can create a city or village for the villagers, so we can have them around. This is important because often you can sell items with them through emeralds.

In order to create a city, only needs some creativity , but you must take that the villagers need a place to live. Each will enter a house to get a bed to sleep, so you only need to build attractive houses where and lighting have beds.

In addition, it is recommended that outside houses there lighting do not appear there monsters. It is also recommended that these traps are made for them, and you can find all kinds of planes in Internet houses , streets, buildings, farms and other for the villagers. Note that there are villagers who need specific houses to become blacksmiths or clerics.

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How do the villagers go to my village?

once you’ve spent several hours of effort building a village, your turn start populating it with the villagers, and this is a completely different task. There are several ways to do this, but the most reliable is putting the villagers in a boat or a car mine putting this on the floor and pushing it to the villager.

Once the villager is in this no you can break the pot and you can push it to your new village.

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