How to Make or crafting a bow and arrows in Minecraft? Very easy! (Example)

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The weapons in Minecraft they are very valuable and important tools. They allow you to struggle and fight with better results. Thus increasingly get more experience in the game. For this reason we will here explain How do or crafting a bow and arrows in Minecraft.

Hacerte with a gun in the game is a priority. You never know when an enemy will appear and you must fight for your life. And who better to fight half that distance bows and arrows. With these tools you’ll avoid the melee, which will prevent your health is impaired. How to Make or crafting a bow and arrows in Minecraft Very easy!

elements that you will need to make or crafting a bow and you arrows in Minecraft

Before creating a bow and arrow have to get a couple of items needed for its construction. Do not worry, they are really easy to get item. Once you have them do or crafting a bow and arrows in Minecraft will be a very easy and quick process.

Mesa Manufacturing

First of all, for do or crafting one bow and arrows in Minecraft should have a table manufacturing. You can get it is by creating four wooden boards from blocks of the same material. When you have four tables have to place them in the manufacturing area to make your table manufacturing.

 arc of minecraft within the game Another way to have a table manufacturing is getting it in a villa. in these tables can create lots of objects will be useful in the game, so they are one of the first things you should build.


you’ll need three sticks to create an arc . The bats get from two wooden boards. So in this occasion you will need six boards for wooden posts. Similarly you ocuparás two tables you get an extra stick. This will serve to draw the arrow.


To make or crafting wire or rope Minecraft must kill spiders. these animals loose one or two strings when executed, so will need more than a spider for the strings. Similarly rope can get from looking at the mines.


To make an arrow’ll need to have a pen. These can get them killing chickens or chickens. They are great! Try them.


Other material needed for the production of an arrow is the chert. This you can get in the mines. in the gravel there is 10% chance of getting one (with silex can also make or crafting a lighter or perdernal, you should try). < h2> Make or create a bow and arrows in Minecraft

once you have all materials, can proceed draw the bow and arrow. Is a process quite simple to execute, discover how

Create bow

To create the arc you just have to accommodate the sticks as follows. In the table manufacturing you will see a grid 3 x 3 There should place in the second box in the top row at the front post.

the following anger in the second row in the third box. To end should put last on the bottom row in the center square.

 original minecraft arrows

the following strings will be placed in boxes that are left empty. Then they would go over each other in the left column of the grid. To you finish selecting the create button to gather the materials and draw an arc.

Create arrow

To create an arrow the must be ordered as follows in the grid of 3 x 3: in the first must row place chert in the central box

Under the same should be the stick and finally, in the same column . put pen at the bottom center square. Finally, select the check box manufacturing to produce four arrows.

And ready, with is you have your arrow, so now you must find which enchantments can take a bow, sword or armor Minecraft for the more powerful it again.

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