How to Make or crafting a book with pen on Minecraft? – Crafting Book (Example)

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Minecraft is one of the oldest games that exist, and the reason for its survival is the fact that all the time is reinventing itself with updates. Because of this many people are lost and do not know you can do in the game, for that matter today learn to make or crafting a book with pen Minecraft. How to Make or crafting a Book with pen in Minecraft – Crafting Book

and is that when we talk about a game that presents a challenge of survival, it is obvious that the books will not be absent, either in the form of diaries or just to leave guides for others ( in the online) mode. This makes these objects in a fundamental part of this title created by Mojang (note that you should update Minecraft to the latest version before continuing ). < h2> materials for creating your book with pen

Now, what you should learn before you start do or crafting a book with pen Minecraft, are the necessary materials for its construction. And it is that before you can add pen a book, create is the same (as the book and the book with pen are two different objects with different recipes).

The book consists of the following materials: paper and leather , the first created by placing three sugar canes in a straight line on a work table (this will give you three sheets of paper)

The second is obtained by killing cows, once these die release him (almost always gives you one or two). The exact amount you need for this recipe is three leaves and a piece of leather, so it should be easy to get it all fast

 libron pen and crafting table

When you have all put them in the following position within a worktable: put in the second row in the first and second box a sheet, placed in the second row in the first box and another sheet in the second leather. With this already you will book you just have to grab him to be kept.

A having it ready should find other materials to combine with him and to achieve do or crafting a book with pen in Minecraft.

How do or crafting a book with pen in Minecraft quickly?

Now, following all the steps above the next thing to do is find a bag of ink and a pen, as these are the materials you need to complete the development of your item.

the ink sac is very easily achieved, you just have to go to any body of water (sea or Rio) and kill a squid , this will release the sac that can pick up normally. The pen is achieved by removing chickens, they can drop from 1 or 2 to the die.

A getting both, you have to go to the desk and place follows the objects: in the second row in the first frame is followed by the book and this in table number two is the ink bag, culminating in the third row in the table number two sets pen. This will immediately leave the book.

writing table of the minecraft game

the function of this wonderful book is to act as what it is, as in it can write 50 pages with a total of 256 characters < /strong>.

Para write in these pages only have to press right click to have the book in hand, which will make a text box where you can enter whatever you want appears.

and with the latter know everything you need to do or crafting a book with pen in Minecraft looks and build your own so you can tell your stories, and if someone asks you how do I can Minecraft write a book ?, then teach them so that this knowledge is not lost.

not only for the sake of writing, but also because once learned this can happen to use delighted Min books ecraft, and crafting a library or bookseller, so you can expand your experience.

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