How To Make Nazcan or Abran and turtle eggs in Minecraft

Tutorial to open turtle eggs in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game widely known not explain all mechanical player. That can sometimes be interesting, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. Today we talk about one of those mechanical: how to get and make born turtle eggs in Minecraft How to Get or Make Nazcan and turtle eggs open in Minecraft How to get turtle eggs?

turtles in the real world have a particular behavior. When the time comes to lay eggs, they have to find a beach, and some sea turtles seek the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs.

In Minecraft, turtles have this same behavior. the turtles appear on the beach , sand blocks having a light level of more than 8 and are near the level of the sea. Is the only day and turtles appear on the beaches, which also could get the heart of the sea. You must be careful!

When a turtle appears, will remember the in it appeared, and when lay eggs , put them in < strong> the beach . Why turtles are one of the most difficult animals to reproduce, and even more difficult to make a turtle farm, unlike building a fishing farm, which is very simple.

However, difficult it is not impossible, and many players have turtle farms beaches and islands, and use them to get a very valuable object. the scales

 ocean biome in Minecraft

with turtle scale can be made a turtle shell, an object very valuable. The shells can be used as helmets, and protect you as effectively an iron helmet. In addition, while using the tortoiseshell have the effect of breathing underwater, and can hold their breath for about 10 seconds.

The baby turtles released the scales as they grow and become adult turtles. So you have to be always on top of the turtles until they grow or establish a system that automatically collect.

You know what turtles eat in Minecraft? For turtle eggs, you can two turtles feed algae . You can get the algae by cutting them from the bottom of the sea, but only using scissors. If you break them by hand you will get another object.

A the two turtles feed, mate and one of them will Pregnant . You must follow the turtle until it comes to a beach and start laying eggs.

If you have a peak with the incantation «Silk Touch» can use it to take the eggs and place on a beach near from your house. Otherwise, you’ll have to make your turtle farm in the place where the eggs are.

How to make turtle eggs open in Minecraft?

The turtles have many enemies in their first days of life, so you have to protect the beach from enemies. a design farm should have a wall in the sea to allow adult turtles leave, but not the babies, and a fence covering the whole beach to prevent dirt monsters reach the baby turtles.

 Make open the turtle eggs in Minecraft

If your turtle eggs disappear or appear broken, most likely a Zombie’s broken. baby turtles are attacked for all varieties of Zombie, all varieties of skeleton, cats, foxes, ocelots and Lobos.

Whether you like it or not make a farm, is vital that you protect the eggs turtle, especially at night; otherwise it will be difficult to open.

Turtle eggs, if not destroyed, then open a few days . First they go through 3 phases, which seems to be slowly breaking down. Turtle eggs grow from night and day, but they grow faster at night.

If you already have spent several days and turtle eggs are not opened, there may be a problem with the way the play time. Use the «/ gamerule doDaylightCycle False» command and then «/ gamerule doDaylightCycle True» to change the time in the game restarting the cycle of night and day.

Once the eggs open and turtles grow you can be sure that turtles still come to that place to lay their eggs every so often. We invite you to learn more about these wonderful sea creatures! We hope this brief tutorial on how to get and make the turtle eggs are born in Minecraft was useful to you.

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