How to make Minecraft go faster, smoother and not go Lageado (Example)

make Minecraft run faster

The outside world it can be quite chaotic, right? That is why, in your daily life, it is important you employ some steps to help you maintain a state of perfect relaxation not to suffer the consequences can leave the stress of everyday life. How to Make Minecraft go faster, smoother and not go Lageado

Among the many alternatives that exist for it, a favorite for young and old are games . The many types and categories you can find video game is one of the reasons why people flock to this type of entertainment and so live incredible adventures on your computer, Smartphone or console.

The arrival of Minecraft

If there is a game that has given much to talk about, that, undoubtedly, has been Minecraft. This game was launched in the year 2009 and developed by Sweden’s Markus Persson.

 The arrival of Minecraft

The main attraction of this game is modality open world , which which implies that, not having a mission or objective specific, the user or player has total and absolute freedom as to how they want to develop the game.

What to do?

once you’ve started the game, if you have not played before, probably wondering: now what do I do? The answer is: whatever you want! As mentioned earlier, the player has complete freedom in the development of the game . Just pick the version of the game you see fit and start playing one of the best adventures of your life.

Of course, you have the ability to build or destroy things around you, according to your tastes and preferences. Houses, farms … what you think of. How? So through blocks, which represent the natural elements. Stone, logs, earth, etc.

Choose what kind of want adventure live

Now, if you want to start a adventure more interesting, select can between the different modes of the game, which is shown below:

  • Survival, which must face different creatures who did not think twice to attack. Here accounts with a number of health points, as well as armor, weapons and various objects that will help you get away from adverse situations.
  • Far, similar to survival, except that the difficulty of the game is high and, once dead character can not revive.
  • Creative, to build your own village and everything that comes into your mind. You also have special abilities, for example, fly.

    Nightmare players

    However, video games are not exempt from pain generating head, especially when it comes to run these games on a computer that probably does not comply fully with the requirements of the game

    This headache has a name. lag. What is it? Simple, the term refers to the delay between the transmitter and receiver of a signal.

     nightmare players

    This problem applies to any game that requires a connection Internet that may be slow or devices or computers that do not meet the requirements of the game, creating problems in its gameplay.

    How to solve this problem in Minecraft?

    this authentic nightmare that plagues gamers, fortunately, has a solution, and here know some tips simple to remove that annoying lag your adventures is blunted in Minecraft simply and without complex installations of other programs.

    the alternative that could take effect for Minecraft more fluid passes through the adjustment settings of the video game . In this regard, the configuration must comply with the following structure:

    • The option «Graphics» should be «fast»
    • Disable the soft lighting and vision. 3D.
    • Enable the «Automatic» to «Scale interface».
    • the option of «particles» in «minimal».

      Problem solved?

      with these measures, should feel a considerable difference in the fluidity of the game . There’s always the option to install other programs or add-ons of the game to eliminate lag, as the Optifine.

      However, it is recommended that once again analyze the resources of your computer, they can be the main because of lag when playing Minecraft.

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