How to Make Good Tools Iron or Diamond in Minecraft? (Example)

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Minecraft was a game that revolutionized the industry (you can download it from their website). The title of Mojang dominate the world with their weird graphics. So if you’re new to the gaming community needs to know how to fit power. So in that sense today learn how to make good iron tools or diamond Minecraft.

And it is no wonder to know this great title. Since it is one of the few that has remained set the time for many consecutive years. Earning the honor of being the best selling game in history, so it is a must for all gamer . How to Make Good Tools Iron or Diamond Minecraft

good tools Make of iron or diamond in Minecraft

to begin, you need to know that the tools are those that help you get all the materials you need to start your buildings (why it is that always begins with tools . basic wood)

There are many, but the basics are five: shovel, ax, pick, hoe and spade. All are designed to perform an action which resembles largely to that performed by them in real life, for example, serves beak to stone chipping.

Each and every one of them can be assembled or constructed with different materials as they are: wood, stone, iron, diamond and gold

the only difference between them is. the durability of each and the speed with which they come to do a job, this depends on the material with which it was done obviously.

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now if that in mind and can learn to do good iron tools or diamond Minecraft.

Tools iron

metal tools or iron are those derived from the fusion of the same material and sticks wood. iron blocks obtained naturally in the game, and may be in caves or mines, usually in groups of 4 or 6. As one of the easiest to get materials. You just have to chop them with any peak (except wood), and ready and you’ll have in your inventory.

To build the tools of this material, you have to do or crafting iron ingots by melting an iron block in an oven with any fuel, and then when you already have the ingot placed in a specific order in the build table depending on what you want to do.

to make the peak you have to put two sticks of wood tables two and three in the second column and an ingot in all tables in the front row (it is cross-shaped).

in case you shovel place the sticks in the same place and an ingot above them. Ie in the second frame of the first row. The ax also sticks in the same position, but bullion van in the first and second frame of the first row and one in the first of the second row.

< img src = "" alt = "slate and diamond minecraft" />

with the sword it is the order of one stick in the second frame of the third row, and a wedge in the same picture, but the first and second row. And finally hoe is made with two sticks in the same order as the others, but with a slug in the first and second box row number one.

Tools diamond

with the above you know how to make good iron tools or diamond Minecraft. Since the diamond are constructed in the same order as the iron so you just have to imitate him up, but with this other material.

Diamond is the hardest material get, so to find diamonds in Minecraft should look for a long time in the deepest caves ( always close to the lava) , or chests mines. How to chop is only a peak of iron.

Ready and with that last no more nothing to say, because you have learned what it takes to good make iron tools or diamond in Minecraft, now go and Explore this new world of possibilities. And when you have all kinds of materials then look more complicated guides help you repair such a peak or diamond tools.

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