How to make cookies or crafting in Minecraft? – Crafting Cookie

Minecraft is one of the coolest games of the world. This is due mostly to the possibility of building or do anything inside it (there are millions of combinations of objects). This is good, although sometimes it can become overwhelming, so it today learn to make or crafting cookies Minecraft.

There is a joke in this game you can make up chip cookies chocolate to eat, this is because the creators want the game despite its graphic section quirky, is as close as possible to reality so let cook and eat in Minecraft. How to make or crafting cookies in Minecraft – crafting cookie

materials for crafting cookies

Before making or crafting cookies in Minecraft, the first step you need to take is obtain materials necessary to achieve the correct crafting of said object. require two specific materials, cocoa and wheat, this can be achieved in two ways in the game, either naturally or by cultivating yourself. < p> If you do not want to cultivate, then you should look for these materials in the open world, t Rigo can get easily in villages. Is planted on the floor or in chests of traders villagers (as some are dedicated to making wheat and bread).

and cocoa is achieved in the biome of the jungle, it will recognize that it is a type of seed brown growing on trees, which can be in three different smaller phases and green, another where the fruit is slightly medium and the last which changes color to orange and bigger.

cookies minecraft falling from the sky

last one is what you get out of the trees to give you what you need are cocoa beans and cocoa (you can also find seeds of cocoa chests) . If you have time and want to cultivate both, you have to do as follows:. Wheat placing it in boxes ground previously plowed with hoe, this land must have water around

with the cocoa fruit is different, since it can be grown only in trunks placing the jungle biome (this will grow naturally). Once already get from either of the two ways these ingredients, you can proceed to make or crafting cookies in Minecraft.

How to Make or crafting cookies in Minecraft easily?

Now if I when you learn how to make the best cookies in the game. To start you need a build table , for it placed the items as follows:

In the first frame of the second row a wheat, in the second of the same cocoa and the third another wheat crackers with this and should leave. In principle will give 8 if you want to increase more, you just have to raise the amount of materials put.

Function cookies in Minecraft

Cookies they are very useful in the game and are classified as one of the best foods for alleviate hunger , as they serve to reintegrate thigh bar per cookie food.

minecraft characters playing with dog

And although at first this may sound like little, with the number of cookies that come in a single batch, are more effective than the same bread, because they are much cheaper to make (out better than a cake or cake in Minecraft).

With that last and there’s nothing you should learn, because it should be completely clear how to do or crafting cookies Minecraft. < p> just enough that ab Flush your game, you enter the world you want and get in finding the materials needed to succeed in creating this wonderful food that will help you in your wildest adventures. Sique these steps and become the best player of the world Minecraft knowledge because everything can be accomplished easily.

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