How to Make Basic Tools Wooden Minecraft step by step? (Example)

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One of the titles that captured the hearts of most gamers in the world was Minecraft. With a different graphics and a superb gameplay, it became essential for every player. So there know all about it, so today’s appointment is for learn how to make basic tools wood Minecraft.

And, if you want to be in the current wave, you have to know how to play this title because it is one of the biggest games of the decade which houses a large community of people that live within it. So buckle up and start this journey to the beginnings of the Minecraft. How to Make Basic Tools Wooden Minecraft step

tools do basic wooden Minecraft

the first thing to know is that the building material which will learn today is the most basic of the game, so the Tools derived from the are the first you should get to start either a game or later can spend a good make iron tools or diamond.

the wood is obtained in any tree of the game, and is the material unique construction which can chop by hand this is obtained as a like tree block, which must be placed in the four boxes that will appear to the open inventory to refine on wooden boards.

this comes in many colors depending on the biome where cuts the tree of the forest is normal brown, the orange jungle, between others. These are not different from one another when building tools because with them all you’ll do is create sticks

 table with wooden pick

These objects, They are generated by placing a wooden board over another (vertically), in any build table. Once you have them just combine you with the tables for basic making wooden tools in Minecraft, which are 5: sword, ax, shovel, pick and hoe (NIM something wood and other objects also can make a fishing rod).

each has a different purpose, such as obtaining objects, killing creatures or cultivate, and all can be done with different materials like stone, iron and diamond.

Being a stronger than others depending on the material, in the case of wood is the material less resistant , since after 60 uses breaks, and also performs slower work of all.

Combination for tools

Now that you know what is and are ready main material, to make tools basic wood Minecraft in order to achieve this you must follow these steps on a build table:

for the peak of bes placing a wooden board in each box of the first row, and a stick on the table number two of the second and third row. In the case of the need to ax you put the same poles and wooden boards two on the first and second box row number one and one in the first frame of the second row.

 wood types minecraft

If the blade you put two sticks in the same order as above and a single wooden board in the second box row number one. With the sword one stick that goes in the second frame of the third row and two wooden boards in table number two in the first and second row will be used.

Finally, to hoe, you put two sticks in the same order as the pick, shovel and ax, but tables should go in first and second box in the front row.

and with that you know how to make tools basic wood Minecraft, you now just start your game, create a new world and start building you’ve always dreamed of!

now you can move on to find tutorials a bit more complicated for not only learn to make tools, but also to repair a peak or diamond tools (or other material), or make or crafting an arc,

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