How to Make and Customize a shield Minecraft – Crafting Escudo (Example)

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A playing Minecraft are many dangers that we face in our attempt to survive. That is why, as a good survivor, we need to make good tools in Minecraft. Help us fight so much easier and effective, such as the shield. That’s why, if you want to know how to customize your shield in Minecraft and how to do , read this post and you’ll know How to Make and Customize a shield in Minecraft -. Crafting Shield

a knowing what the crafting of the shield , and have won most of the battle. Having a good shield not only help you defend yourself properly about the dangers, but lets also give a unique touch to your look in Minecraft.

How to make a good shield?

the shield is a defense tool extremely important if we are to survive in the untamed world of Minecraft. Having one of these lets you immerse us in the adventures we want, without risking to suffer much damage. In fact, the shield prevents 33% of the damage total of an attack.

If you have a shield and has Crafted a good sword in Minecraft, there will be nothing to stop us from get the most out of this game. But before you start enjoying all the options that we provide the shields, we need to know as craftearlos or make them correctly.

That’s why we encourage you to keep reading, and you discover make a shield in Minecraft and how to make it look unique and special . We also remind you that you must update Minecraft to the latest version to use shields.

What are the steps to follow to make a shield?

To begin to make a shield excellent Minecraft quality, materials need to know what you need to do. First, you need six blocks of the type of wood you want, also need to make pig iron. You will see that these materials are very simple, such as Crafting is simple . Now, the steps you need to follow to do is shield, are:

  • Open the table crafting or work, whatever you call it
  • Now put. in the first row above materials in order: wood, ingot and wood
  • Fill the next row fully woodblock

    duel in minecraft

    • Finally, in row down, put a single block of wood in the box in the middle.

      That’s it! Now you just have to start your wonderful new shield whenever you want. Something to keep in mind the use the shield, is that takes a little time to use the shield between locks , ie they must wait a moment for reuse. Also, if you shoot arrows, they can bounce off the shield, so be careful.

      How to customize the shield in Minecraft?

      If, once you Crafted your shield Minecraft want to personalize it , no problem, because this is entirely possible. In fact, you do not need very difficult to get materials to begin customizing your shield.

      The first thing you have to do is crafting a banner of the color you prefer. To make one, you need six blocks wool color you like, and make or create a stick. Once done, you must put the shield and the banner in the row of the middle of the table Crafting to color the shield in question.

      Of course, if you want customize your shield in Minecraft < / strong> with a much more detailed and special design, all you have to do is create banners and playing with the position thereof at the table crafting.

      also, you can see the amount there are tutorials on YouTube, where they explain what different designs you can put your shields, and how to do it easily.

       fighting in minecraft

      we want all this information you can be useful and make the most Logres to customize your shield en Minecraft. that nothing, not even the attacks of mobs or other players, stop you from moving forward in your journey through the infinite world of Minecraft.

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