How to make a water fountain and decoratively Automatic Minecraft? (Example)

minecraft landscape

The architecture is one of the great amusement Minecraft, easily teach you how to make a water fountain automatically in a few steps. With a simple mechanism, you just have to try some more interesting methods letting fly a little your imagination, everything is on creativity.

In Minecraft can let your imagination and build cough what you want from something as simple as a stable for your horse to something more elaborate like a rotating beacon light.

How to develop a source of automatic water in Minecraft?

the creative mode of Minecraft is the ideal choice to create this source, this because they have greater capacity to create and can do anything. To this source use a lever and red stone, this will make the mechanism for water to move. Pay close attention to every step.

First, you must place a fund to your source, so that the water does not go through the land, you can use stone, an element pretty simple. Choose a size, the ideal is 7 × 7 so it is not so big your source, once the ground, fact we can begin the construction.

In one of pictures frame your anger source a lever, once you decide where to be, you dig sense blocks in the center of your source, this will be the mechanism. Done this, you must build the backbone, here you exploit your creativity, the most important thing is to let a four on the center This line should be mobile.

Therefore, rellanarla you with gravel, because this is serious, we need something that will save the last cube without colócale gravel and water.

 blue fountain

that done, test the mechanism, your source automatic water should start flowing, without spilling thanks to the frame that you did . At the turn off, the down gravel and water again in a block contained, knowing this, you can create the fonts you want, you just need to combine elements.

How to make a simpler source? < / h2>

If you are looking for a source of water automatic trigger is not necessary, you can build the structure and use a fairly simple method, you only will need a bucket of water . Well, for this method, you must make a structure the size you want to be the center of the fountain can make stone.

At the top of the must structure place a bucket of water, done that , water will flow from that hub and a source will be created with ease . This mechanism can be used for many things, you just need to think of interesting methods, you can create channels for water or make larger fonts.

Many people use these sources to decorate houses and have a nice and always enabled, imagination can be allowed to fly with this mechanism source.

you can only make a source of automatic water?

actually, the mechanism that you have explained can work to sources with other elements that can flow easily one of the coolest is the lava. These sources can be very interesting and even be challenging, this is because the lava is a very destructive material thus need to have the right materials.

< img src = "" alt = "beige source" />

The source must be all stone and should put a floor that can not be burned or destroyed , careful not to place items that can burn or lose your job.

There are many ways to create sources even can create fonts combining water and lava, provided they do not touch, this can be a great source.

Use what you have explained and create spectacular structures, let your imagination fly to the top and creates works to show your playmates.

Just as you can create fonts, you can also create infinite wells of water, these are widely used by players who have crops or gardens to grow.

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