How To Make A Small Town Hall and Easy in Minecraft?


If you already have your village and you want it to be complete , to a municipality in Minecraft it is the next logical step. In it live the mayor, although probably be your new home for the same reason .

There are many options you have to do, from replicas of famous buildings in real life to fantastic structures. But you are looking for a comfortable structure, consistent and easy to do, nothing more elementary than resorting to a municipality that does not clash with its surroundings . How To Ayuntamiento small and easy to Minecraft

If you have a small village, you can use techniques to attract villagers and thus grow your village. In order to grow your village is very necessary to get to work the villagers and if you want you can change the work and profession of them.

Get a village

This is essential as a first step, since the differences between one village and another they are more pronounced thanks to the latest updates. Thus, in each case the materials to be used will vary, although doing a town hall in Minecraft design is basically the same. For this tutorial will be used as reference prairie villages .

Choose the area

Inside the village choose a good location for your city hall. The most important thing is to count on a flat space to the least 11×8 blocks , because that’s where the structure arise. If you do not find a suitable, slightly modified place the ground and creates a road to the site.

Collecting materials

According to each type of village, they tend to use resources its environment. Thus, you should stay away a lot for a town hall in Minecraft.

In this case only need 64 oak logs, 8 sand blocks, 55 blocks cobble and 3 carbons. So arm yourself with an ax, pick and shovel and explore the surroundings.

 characters talking

Make a municipality in Minecraft

with all the basic resources is time to get down to work and start building. To do this you must first create all the parts you’ll need and then place them on your site.

Creating parts

The sand has collected is the raw material for windows . For the single crystal you have to heat it in the oven using charcoal as needed, 2 for sure. The mined stone that has and is now paving stone is used as it is, so do not need to change it.

As for wood, transforms all wood but 8 trunks as well will be used later . And the wood, use it to create 78 stairs (you left over 5 to the end), a door and 4 suits. Finally, make at least one torch, although leverage can as many as you want.

Armando parts

Once you have everything ready is time to place each item in its rightful place . First, you do a rectangle of 9 x 6, cobblestone entirely on the ground. In the corners up a column cobblestone two height blocks. Placed between each column a second line of paving stone.

Once this is done it is the turn of wood so filled rectangle cobble wood . On each column cobble placed a wooden block and from there placed a wooden box equal to the one below.

 group of houses

with this basic structure, it is time to place walls and ceiling. For the ceiling placed an additional line of timber within the longer sides of the wooden box. This second line and inward, place 4 rows over long wooden long thus already have the roof closed.

Finally, place two rows more in the center, equally side side and you are ready to decorate r. This we do with stairs always marking the outside in. With this on both sides and have ready the eaves of your town hall.

The door is located 3 blocks from the corner on one of the longer sides. For the walls fill the missing gaps (without door) with wooden logs and glass. always take care that each side has crystals trunk. In the shorter ends there will be no wood on the wall single trunk.

Now only remains to place a ladder under the door and torches inside the ceiling. Ready, has managed to make a town hall in Minecraft classic and traditional style.

If your village is far from a water source like the ocean or river, you can create an infinite well of water or a farm where animals care for and maintain.

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