How to Make a Simple Farm Mobs in Minecraft? Very easy!

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mobs are monsters in the game, create a farm of them means to have them where they want to kill at will and get the much desired experience. In the following tutorial you will learn to make a simple farm mob en Minecraft from any of the platforms that support the game, either PC, PlayStation, Xbox, among others.

the main objective of this type of farm is to achieve the greatest possible experience with the least effort. Since leaving monsters hunt at night is risky because the enemies you can get you, the best is to have a farm mobs. These allow you to have the monsters where you want to kill them when you need it . How to Make a farm mobs single in Minecraft very easy!

Make a simple farm mobs in Minecraft

This type of constructions within the game are really very easy of. Unlike farms experience where your greatest difficulty is to find a spawn of mobs, ie, a place where creatures are generated automatically with the passage of time. In the type of farm that will be explained below, you can get anywhere creatures.

Its operation is different from that of a farm experience, but not so it is less effective. Make a simple farm mobs in Minecraft can help you increase your experience in the game quickly and without much effort.

materials to begin construction

variety of materials used is not much and how much to use of each will vary according to the size you want in your farm.

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One of the main materials to make a simple farm mobs Minecraft are blocks. No matter of the material are stone, rock, quartz or glass. Most commonly, they are stone blocks because it is the most abundant inventory.

The following will draw water with a bucket, it is important that they are always more than one. This is because the farm mobs is based on water currents to keep the monsters at bay. Do not stop them, because they are one of the most important elements of construction.

Another main materials are the torches. These will give light to the surroundings. Allowing the creatures appear right where you need them.

In general, these are the basics to make a simple farm mobs in Minecraft . Depending on your tastes and the changes you want to make to it will be adding more.

Start building

The best thing to the make a simple farm mobs and Minecraft is build at sea, and that’s where fewer monsters appear hostile. However, you can do it anywhere you want.

The first thing to do is create a base, it is where the enemies will fall. From there must build up high 23 blocks in the four walls .

When and get the desired height must extend building eight blocks in length on each side. In arriving at the end of each horizontal column you will put a block on the last to who will serve as a wall.

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This is where the streams will go. Then built into walls with height of two blocks and proceeds to close the structure up three more blocks and building a roof.

end must be seen as a tall tower with a fourth on the roof with four channels, these must channels place the water will trap monsters .

Finally put torches in places where you do not want the mobs appear, since they hate the light. Thus they appear alone in the room that you created and fall into the trap. Already have ready your farm mobs, the only thing left is to wait for them to appear and fall into the trap.

Now this can experience move to build a farm automatic fishing, and create a bee farm cactus or a farm, so you get all the resources easily.

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