How to make a shower and a bathtub Realists in Minecraft for your bathroom

A lot of Minecraft players like to build their modern houses, They make beautiful objects minimalist rooms with exclusive materials. Many of these players use mods that make their lives Minecraft easier. How to Make a Shower and Bath Realists in Minecraft for your bathroom

Want to know how to modernize your house in Minecraft? Would you like to decorate your house with a bathroom more realistic and do not know how? You’ll be pleased to know that this little guide we bring you not need to install no mod to achieve it.

you we recommend playing creatively to count on the materials needed to build your bathroom, otherwise you’ll have to do a trip to the Nether for quartz or failing. You can learn to change survival mode creative Minecraft.

How to make a realistic shower?

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to create this shower does not need any mod, so you do not have to download nothing but you can build it with the materials you have collected.

the size of that tub will be 4 x 3 , so if you will build inside your house, make sure have enough space. Can make a wall 4 blocks of the slab that you like and March 1, the rest can fill with glass panels. You can also make an incredible modern concrete house in Minecraft

Now in the middle of the wall measuring 4 must block the lever, and the block is on the left you must remove it. At the other side, to the side of the wall next to the empty space of the block that you removed, you must make a small square with wooden blocks.

In the wooden block that is closer to the empty space, you must place the repeater or comparator Redstone that is looking at that direction, you will light the torch and you have to put Redstone dust to go around.

Now you must make a small staircase next to this square you did two steps and make a trail over 4 blocks Redstone up to the ceiling of the shower that will consisting of a square of 4 x 3 wood and leaving the square of the empty center. < / p>

you must place on the right side of the hole in the center, a block of wood as support now from the bottom must look up and next to that block placing the dispenser and then a slab not View from the shower.

You can remove the support block and leave only the dispenser. You must make the Redstone reaches that block so it can function dispensing water .

Now you put, being bent, a hopper is pointing next to the dispenser and even when bent must put on him dispenser and hopper a large chest that is where you will put the potions blue water or potion blue, and the bottom must place another hopper to function as colander and drain . If you play in survival can learn how to make all potions Minecraft.

And you just have to decorate the shower to your liking and when move the lever water saved in the coffer will like if a normal shower.

How to make a realistic bathtub?

 realistic bath on grass in minecraft for quartz blocks need bath, this material is perfect for a bath because it will give the impression of a relist bathroom.

the size will be 5 × 5, so the three blocks of the medium must be buried, and those corners must excel. In one of the protruding blocks, you must dig to the center of the tub and place Redstone block and above a button.

Next to place blocks protruding steps must quartz. each line or wall , whatever you call it, you must place the steps back to the projecting block and block the center one step in front so that it is as kind of furniture.

in the middle of the must bathtub place a dispensing , remember that Redstone should reach this dispenser, and the rest of the must ground fill with quartz.

you must search a bucket of water and place in the dispenser. You can put as back of the tub, a wooden wall and you can decorate it to your liking. And ready, whenever pressures on button, your bath will fill with water and you can get water by pressing the same button. And to keep all the hard work that brought you build can learn to make a trap to defend your house in Minecraft.

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