How to make a rustic house in Minecraft? – Rustic House (Example)


Build a rustic house in Minecraft has become a goal or desire of many users of this popular game, and his undeniable ability to give life to any structure you can think of, as well as its status as construction blocks, make it perfect for this.

whether you like to explore only the creative way, or play in any other form, there is no discussion on the need for a good home where resguardarte conditions . of the game and monsters, and what better than a rustic design which can be proud How to Make a House rustic Minecraft – rustic House

in addition to a rustic house also have the option of creating a simple house wood, although it will be a little weaker still serve you if you are playing in survival mode.

What do I need to build a house Rústic to in Minecraft?

Before you can start building your new rustic house in Minecraft, is essential that you establish what materials you’ll use for this are. There is nothing more frustrating than coming up short in the middle of a wall, or be unhappy with the result.

In this sense, the being a house purely rustic, there are materials that are automatically discarded, and you will not need to use, such as concrete, quartz or iron.

However, wood, in different presentations and stone are quite appropriate for the class home you want to build. Nor they are discarded glass for windows and similar elements that can contribute to the design thereof.

 home garden

you must know that the most common is to make a rustic wood house in Minecraft, because the derivative of this are perfect abode to provide the best rustic . In addition, it is much easier to obtain in large quantities, if they do not Valgas of the creative mode.

However, they also have their cons, being highly recommended to avoid lighting any type of fire within or very near the house, so you manage to overcome a fire that can end all, or part of your creation.

Do not forget that you need doors , closing mechanisms and opening of the thereof, as well as windows, lighting and decorative elements. Otherwise you decide to add is to your tastes and needs, such as workbenches, incantations or other objects and utilities.

Creating the rustic house

After you find in the way game in which you want to make building rustic house in Minecraft, where the most recommended creative , placed in your inventory use fast objects that you will use, so it will be much easier.

begin by setting the size you want to have housing for then initiated by the outer walls of the same. Most commensurate with the rustic style is locate a column darker and then the wall panels of a different and lighter material.

Also remember to windows where the same recommended use the same material for making dark edges and, inside, place the glass panels. Continue until you give way to the house, trying to play with the presentation according to your tastes, but respecting the rustic presentation.


in this sense, it is good that each panel or wall of the house put a window, trying not to abuse with the location of the same. Not think a linear structure, plays with crosses and stays of different sizes and shapes.

A placing the door in place, do not forget to install the system opening. It is also desirable and appropriate to do a kind of portico with fences and the like these .

The roof also matters

If you’ve completed all building walls, floors and lower parts of the house. You can now continue with the roof, which plays an equally important role that the remaining components.

This should be sturdy and to maintain the harmony of parts and have the rustic style you are looking for. E s advisable to use the same element that have been standing on the edges windows and columns.

In addition, a presentation is gabled is most common to apply these buildings. Be sure to follow the proper way you have given to the house, so that the roof does not become descuadrado or out of place.

If you own a home in Minecraft, you might see the dilemma losing your house and not being able to find it, this is something that happens to many players, so do not worry that it is a problem you have a solution.

Minecraft you can let your imagination and power create everything you want, do not just simply create a home, create large items such as bridges or a decorative fountain for your home, this game can do anything you want.

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