How to make a rotating beacon or a lighthouse in Minecraft Magic With light!

beacon light minecraft

Video games can often bring out the best us, because many times we stumbled upon seeing our own humanity and kindness through decision-making, or even how competitive we can be.

many games are totally focused on this, to make the person to exercise different parts of your being, whether morality, strategy, or any other facet of the human being. How to Faro Giratorio or Faro Magic in Minecraft with light!

So much they have advanced games and so many we have set in them to make them an important part of the media we consume on a daily basis.

There are all kinds of games that can do this for us but few are as minimally invasive or maybe free for the player as it is Minecraft. When we speak of «free», we mean that Minecraft player can do what you want in a world that he has created, where you can build difficult things and do a lot of activities.

This, to the point that player can be molded many of land around them, toppling mountains, planting trees, building all kinds of buildings, to the point that all the creativity we have inside let out.

also, Minecraft features many players think in the way how they should be built castles, buildings or objects, which makes you yourself have to think about how to handle different resources and land. A clear example of this are the buildings unorthodox to do is say things beyond a wooden house, such as a lighthouse.

This is why, then in small tutorial this , we’ll show you how you can make a lighthouse in Minecraft with a fully functional light, so follow us and pay attention.

 red lighthouse water minecraft

the lighthouse

a lighthouse is a building that, in real life, serves as signaling for ships who approach the coast or even the aircraft that can pass near them to have a reference point of the place.

He uses lighthouse one light moves rotatably to not confused by something else. That is why if you do a beacon, you must keep in mind that it is a tower that is often on the coast and has a light on top.

Now, as to the design General of the lighthouse, is something you can do on your own with materials you want. Many people tend to wool using different colors to give some character to the lighthouse, but you’re free to use whatever you want and do as you please.

Remember that you can take inspiration from photos of actual lighthouses, or maybe do something a little more artistic or abstract depending on the environment in which you build.

 light water


as for light lighthouse , you do not have to fear much, since many think of the elaborate circuits red stone that can be confusing to new players.

all you need to do a beacon is observers and lighting red stone. Observers are made with stone, red stone and quartz of the Nether; and lamps red stone are made with light stone and red stone.

The joke here is that the lamps of red stone are turned to the detected signal red stone, which in this case will be issued by observers.

for the purposes of this tutorial, we will use 19 observers and 9 lamps red stone, which will leave us with a beacon light 3×3 without the height. Note that you can do larger, but for that you need more of these materials.

Now, you have to start putting observers on a square of 3×3, and each of these it has to do with the other. When this is done, you should put another layer of observers on these, but those who put are pointing down.

Finally, set the lighting red stone on the latter layer to form two layers of lamps and you will see how your headlight works. You have learned all this you will earn more experience in the game and you will achieve maximum benefit and smite out.

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