How To Make A Minecraft Experience Farm? – Farm XP Minecraft (Example)

Minecraft is a game that culminate you need to beat the dragon that is in «the end» . This task is not easy and tends to be reduced to levels of experience gained. To save many hours of work, Learn how to make a farm experience Minecraft.

At the beginning of the game experience is not very useful and therefore obtaining underestimated. However, it is the main material to delight any element of the game and needed lots of it How to Make a Farm Experience Minecraft -. Farm XP Minecraft

To get experience faster required to kill many monsters , chop some types of blocks, among other actions. Therefore, the best option to get is make a farm experience Minecraft.

Requirements for a farm experience in Minecraft with Spawn Monster

This is one of the types of farms experience that can be created . The difference lies in the need for Spawn monsters, since this component generating constant enemies will ensure and thus increase efficiency.

To start you need to have two buckets with water, 16 posters, several peaks of iron and Spawn monster. These elements will be enough to create the farm.

minecraft trap mobs

Because it is complex to find the Spawn, it is important to engage in the dungeons look carefully and be careful not to destroy it. Notably to the finding is to place necessary torches on all sides because so will not produce more monsters.

A method for manufacturing a farm experience in Minecraf < p> the first thing to do is enlarge the room where the Spawn monsters to a size of nine cubes of nine cubes with a depth of two blocks below the Spawn and high will suffice with four blocks above.

with this room and built to proceed down a block deep in one side and attached to the wall. Then another space outside the room should open up an area of ​​two by two blocks and place a bucket of water in one corner and the other cell in the opposite corner, generating infinite water (obviously for this you must know how a bucket, bucket or bucket).

Then the trays are filled and placed on the opposite side to where the trench opened. This will generate the monsters generated from falling water flow and redirect them to the trench.

In the trench must be placed a block of water at each end. And in the block mean between the length of the trench should open a gap of two blocks and four blocks height deep. In the fourth space should not get water and should close all sides so that there are no leaks enemies.

Construction of the lift and fall of monsters to make the farm

Now with the closed main room you must go to the fourth block of the aisle above. There open 23 blocks up, counting the two that are open to you are the player.

 spells and library table

Since the column of blocks 23 should open a corridor of a length of eight blocks on top and in the opposite direction to the main room.

next to generate the monsters rise is to place a sign on one side of the first block column 23. Then in the second block height should be placed one water, and switching to get top where to position a last to generate the current.

On the other end of the upper corridor must be opened hole 21 blocks deep. a the reach that number must make a room and close the sides of the hole to just stay away from a block of the ground.

Finally, you must remove the torches of the Spawn and wait in the other room to hit monsters and kill obtaining experience.

Now that you’re ready, you take on the dragon, and also start building things more complicated slimes as a farm, or a farm honey bees den.

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