How to make a Minecraft Compass and point it at my house Very useful!

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An open world video game can be a great factor of attraction for many players, especially when the world immerses you in it, is aesthetically pleasing and has authentic characters to fill it.

also, many think that bigger is better, because it adds a lot to the aspect of to explore and find new areas in the game. How to Make a Compass Minecraft and point it at my house Very useful!

with this in mind, many think finding an adventure or see landscapes that had never seen the lost in a forest or new land, as in games like the Elder Scrolls V:. Skyrim

But this is not true for all games, because often many people believe that creating a big game with only beautiful landscapes can contribute to something.

If the game is that, there may be person as you find some kind of appeal, but the reality is that people tend to look for something to interact within a game .

When the player just walks finding nothing, probably end up experiencing a great dissatisfaction with the experience, so we have seen that many games focus on being able to fill these spaces with different things that can increase the overall experience of the game. < p> An open world game that applies all these concepts successfully is Minecraft, this is available for computer primarily, although it is also possible to download and install for mobile devices with Android or iOS. because it is a game that can become large enough to explore and always has things to do, like fight night creatures, build incredible buildings, creating a rotating beacon magical light, survive in the shadows or even create stables for horses or Minecraft won.

Much of the appeal is to go into the unknown to find new resources, animals or other characters with which to interact. But when we talk about such a large map as one of Minecraft comes to mind the question of how can one do to be within the game? The answer is very simple, and is a compass.

How to make a compass?

When you are in map as big as Minecraft is normal to have the urge to go to a nearby area and get lost among the trees or the sea. In the early stages of your game, this is something that will happen almost without thinking, but can be a problem to lose you when you request more advanced game.

Once you have a house or a base from which make your various activities and Save your objects , and come to lose, you may have trouble returning to place you in that place.

for this, you can make a compass, which aim to the point from which we showed the first time in the game or the bed I slept last , so it may end up being a very valuable thing for players who start playing.

in order to manufacture a single compass need four pig iron and red stone or Redstone, putting the latter in the center desk and pig iron in the four corners of the worktable. This should give us a good compass start point to the point source right from the start.

How to use a lodestone? < / h2>

If you’re traveling or create a portal in minecraft to another dimension as the End or the Nether you may notice that your compass starts to spin uncontrollably because we are not in the same dimension as our point of origin.

in order to solve this, we can use a lodestone for magnetize a compass that points the same, which can also make for landmarks in any world.

lodestone it is made from an ingot of netherita eight bricks chiseled stone, and you can put this block once done anywhere, magnetize your compass and to go to anywhere without fear of losing you again.

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