How to make a lighter or crafting in Minecraft or Pedernal? – Crafting burner (Example)

If game that make you exploit your creativity talking, Minecraft will be one of the first to stay afloat. And, thanks to its wide variety of objects, has been crowned as one of the kings of the time (you can get all versions in the same official website). Why and for you to learn as much as possible of the today learn to do or crafting a lighter or flint in Minecraft How to Make or crafting a cigarette lighter or Pedernal in Minecraft -. Crafting Bunsen

being a game that offers such an open and comprehensive experience, it is obvious that most of the players who will enter will be lost in the sea of ​​options out there to build. So, it is never wrong to seek several guides that teach you to drops realize that going.

Building materials for lighter

What you need to know before you start < strong> make or crafting a lighter or a flint in Minecraft, are the materials necessary for processing right

these items are:. an ingot of metal and a flint or flint. Obtaining them is very simple, to make or crafting pig iron, you have to find an iron block which is in any cavern of the game (to make the process of getting faster is recommended to look at that layer is iron Minecraft).

usually come in batches of 4 to 6 and how to transform them into ingots is placing them in any furnace with a fuel (coal), it takes a few seconds and a once cooked, you will leave your bullion.

rovings and obisidiana foursquare

in the case of flint do not have to do almost nothing, because what you get digging gravel with any blade, not all sheds time item gravel but always comes in huge batches, and also can be found in villages and biomes of any kind, so you get you do not take time.

H acer or crafting a lighter or flint in Minecraft

In order to get the lighter have to place both required in a work table objects in the following position: < p> in the row number two in the first box will pig iron and row number three in the second box is the flint, to the place both at the same time you leave the object in the table section, where you only need touch to change and have it in inventory is saved.

note that if you do not put yourself in the exact position do not leave anything can not put it to the back or otherwise. Also, you do not necessarily have to use a work table, as only occupies two boxes.

Functions flint or lighter

With the above you know how make or crafting a lighter or flint in Minecraft , now you will learn why this object is used within the game. Its functions are many and most resembles what would a lighter in real life, bone catch fire anything. Its most useful applications are:

 portal minecraft

the power of the portal to the nether: to activate the portal obsidian, you just have to give right-click a lighter one of the pictures that make, so it will turn on (is the only way there to open)

on creatures and delete objects. the lighter also serves to ignite fire all mob . And also you can burn objects throw or are on the floor at the turn in the fire box, where are

Make instant food. if you kill a cow, chicken or pork with a lighter (ie die by fire), food that throws will immediately cooked, so there is no need to cook it.

and ready with that last you know everything you need to making or crafting a lighter or flint in Minecraft. Now go to your computer and start building one of the most primordial objects in the game. Minecraft remember to update to the latest version available for you to enjoy fully the benefits will go adding to Flint.

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