How to make a lectern or crafting in Minecraft? – Crafting Lectern (Example)

lectern lawn

Since the update 1.14, crafting a lectern en Minecraft can be a revolution in terms of gameplay. In principle benefits in multiplayer, but also has a major impact on games alone How to Make or crafting a lectern in Minecraft -. Crafting Lectern

Thanks to the now several lectern players can read at the same time book that is located in it, which would not be needed infinite copies . It also generates a signal Redstone varies according to the number of pages passes reading.

If you want to know how to get your own stand, you come to the indicated place, just pay attention to these tips to avoid complicate.

find a lectern in Minecraft

If, as you can see, crafting a lectern in Minecraft is not the only way to get one, you can also find him. To do this just you should look for a village generated after update 1.14 and locate a library . If the village has surely will also have a stand.

This is undoubtedly the fastest way if you’re near a village because the manufacturing process may be more tedious. If you do not run with luck or would you rather do it yourself, then moves to the next point.

crafting a lectern in Minecraft

Like many other objects, the lectern can be prepared in manufacturing table , but this should get four wooden slabs and a shelf. For slabs no major complication, you can make the wooden blocks with 3 online and get 6 slabs.

 lectern without book

on the other hand, the process for manufacturing the shelf if it is more complicated and long. Could you get the shelf directly using a tool with enchantment «Touch of Silk» and undermining it from a library.

Otherwise all we would get would be three books used in their elaboration. If you do not have this tool or you do not find shelves, books and paper, this would be the entire procedure:


Get 3 units cane (usually located on banks of rivers and coasts ) and put them on the table manufacturing forming a horizontal line of 3 items. this will get 3 sheets of paper.


Now with your leaves you can make books if together with leather (you can get from animals like cows, horses, etc.). From your own inventory you can make disposing of a leaf in each corner processing section last leather. Repeat this process 3 times for 3 books.


Now you have the need books go to a table manufacturing with a 6 wooden blocks . Located 3 books forming a horizontal line in the middle and two wooden lines above and below. This way you’ll get your shelf and you will be able to craft a lectern in Minecraft.


With all the elements already in your single power should locate as is manufacturing at the table. To do this, visualize the grid by assigning a number to each box from left to right and top to bottom.

 manufacturing process lectern

Now, a slab of wood located in positions 1, 2, 3 and 8 . The shelf must place it in position 5 and all other boxes must remain empty.

And Ready! Have been crafting lectern Minecraft. Place it where it best suits you and do not forget to put a book on it, if written better. Remember that any player can read it and you can also use it to activate mechanisms Redstone.

On the other hand, with a lectern in a library that does not have library , the possibility exists that a villager assume this office. Lecterns are certainly a marvel of fantasy, you know how to yours, now just that you get the most benefit.

Other items that can create or crafting for yourself in Minecraft are barrels, pots , buckets or pails iron, among other elements that will make your experience easier game. You can also crafting larger objects such as an elevator or lift.

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