How to Make a Good SS in Minecraft? – step (Example)

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Share Screen (SS) is a procedure in which the screen of a platform to carry out a review of files fraudulent origin is shared, so make a good SS in Minecraft will detect and neutralize those players who make use of hacks, modifications illegal, etc. How to make a good SS in Minecraft step

Requirements to make a good SS in Minecraft

first you need an absolute acumen determine that a player needs to be reviewed by ScreenShare. As well as having an application like Anydesk , which can be downloaded from its official website.

Anydesk is the tip of the iceberg, it only allows remote access from one to another computer specific. In addition, you must download BLSquad through its official website.

With this double ace in the hole will have a great support to start your way and make a good SS in Minecraft. The accused player or « frozeado » should provide you your code Anydesk, copy and paste it into the « Connect » section to finally link the screens (if you do not know how to use Anydesk or have other operating system and you will be difficult to install the remote desktop Anydesk in Linux ubuntu, you must look for the explanation before proceeding).

step by step mods detect fraudulent

First, being already SS mode, open the Minecraft to know which version of the game and abide by it. How do you know which version of Minecraft I have and what is the defendant ?, to know this press « F3 » on the keyboard and automatically pop up a window that broadly indicate the edition of the game was downloaded by the suspicious and yours.

Next, press «Start (Win) + R » to open immediately the window of the browser, where in the line of writing should translate < strong> «% AppData%» (without the quotation marks) and a folder will appear inside which keeps another set of folders, where it occupies the first step that name «.minecraft».

anydesk interface page < / p>

Making « Click «, it will open and display another set of folders that you have to pay particular attention. Representing the most important one that is labeled « mods » which clearly must to enter.

At this point, you should verify that the mods used by the suspect describe the actual weight download KB. Because if it is a different figure, you are in the presence of an illegal file, being reason enough to ban.

Use the toolbar at the top to click « Vista «and then » hidden elements « to display some hidden mod. You will recognize it because its icon will be slightly more transparent or carried by filename « Vape «.

Note that installing mods in Minecraft is not something illegal if you do it in your account offline, so not scared and stop living the experience of the changes.

Continuation of the process, detection hack client and autoclicker

in the same vein, the next step is to restart the browser and type «% temp%» to open a new folder. In the search bar, type « JNATIVEHOOK » and if positive, should be banned for autoclicker.

Once again run the search and this time type « temp «giving rise to a different folder, where you will look for files » vape or merge. «

Again, open the browser and type» Prefetch «bringing forth a folder where you seek» javaw «with a semicolon (.,) indicating, in the above case like this, positivity hack client.

Make a good SS in Minecraft it is a summation of strides, but vital. Arrived this point, there is only used the BLSquad for a thorough review. When open, press «Multiple scanners» and then « Import » to examine the mods found that if illegal being, be turned into a red color.

human and mobs of minecraft < / p>

Click «Minecraft checker» for the program to look for suspicious files, if so will alert telling you that it has detected X amount, reason for immediate ban by hack client. Do the same actions for «Regedit checker» and «Files checker».

Finally, select « Applications » and then «Executed programs list» (most important) to ensure that the user is not in possession of any kind of Vape or Ghost Client.

There are other tools such as «< strong> Everything «or» Luyten «to scan the internal structure of the mods. But basically if you successfully finalized the steps above, you do not’ve missed anything! Banéalo

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