How to make a caldron in Minecraft Potions to do all it?


If it’s brew potions, one of the first steps must meet is to make a cauldron in Minecraft. Although this was the original idea for which was conceived, the truth is that the cauldron is much more than this. How To Caldero in Minecraft to make all the potions in it

to have a fully functional base and surrender to the maximum Maybe it’s definitely have your own cauldron. Here you will discover everything you can do with it, including how to use it to make infaltables positions.

Get or make a cauldron in Minecraft

To have your own pot, you can use two methods with their own advantages and disadvantages: develop them yourself or find one naturally generated


If you decant for making a cauldron in Minecraft only need seven bullion. iron . To do so arm yourself with a good peak (at the least stone) and look for some iron mines and create almaduras, pots, tools can also make a bucket iron to transport water.

Once and have undermined get, you only have to cook in an oven for your bullion. A having your pig iron, place you at a table manufacturing doing a kind of «U» leaving the average middle and upper vacuum.

seeking a cauldron

If, however, you are short of resources or simply do not want to go to undermine you can try to get a cauldron done . To do what you have to do is find a village or a cabin.

In the case of the villages, some of these have a villager as a blacksmith and his’ll be home to steal the pot with which he works.


If you get remorse strip a blacksmith their livelihood, can also opt for a more dangerous path. In this way, try to go into a swamp and he may find witches hut. Yes, the witch will not probably like you’re at home or you want to take your things.

Uses of the cauldron in Minecraft

As already mentioned, after making a cauldron in preparing potions Minecraft is just one of the ways that can be used. It is now clear in them.

Make potions

Although initially the cauldron was where potions were made, some time this function is fulfilled by the alembic or support for potions . In particular this, the cauldron was relegated to a minor role in which provides water bottles water. If you do not know all the potions that exist here a list of them and the skills that gives you .

However, with each use one third of the water contained so water block is much more efficient (a non-spend) is lost. Thus, the real utility of the cauldron is relegated to the Nether because it is the only way that the water does not evaporate.

In another vein, is possible to build mechanisms using a network of hoppers, stills, chests, Redstone, repeaters, boosters and others to automate potions.


This mechanism is complex to manufacture because it requires space, special materials and blocks advanced manufacturing. The curious thing about the system is that simply you release the ingredients in the cauldron and they began a long journey that will end with your lists potions.


Another use and one of the most current is wash leather armor and banners . Holding it in his hand and applying it to the cauldron, this will remove the dye layer takes up losing water in the process.

Fire Safety

As a container of water, you can immerse yourself in the cauldron to put out the fire in case of fire. It also keeps water block that can extract and use a bucket in case of emergency. In addition, around the flames they tend to gradually shut down so it is extremely useful.

Water Generator

Last but not least, you can make a cauldron Minecraft and leave it exposed to rain to collect water. This is especially convenient if you do not have any river nearby. Another way to get water when you have a river nearby is creating a well and thus have infinite water.

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