How to make a backpack without mods in Minecraft? Very easy! (Example)

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One of the main activities to do in this game is the highlight mining resources to a specific target. It sounds easy, but when the inventory lacks space can become a tedious task. That is why it is necessary make a backpack without mods in Minecraft to avoid pain counterproductive head.

The backpack may also be available in the mod « backpacks < / strong> «, being considered as a portable item and inventory second with 27 boxes that can store the objects to the user. So if you prefer to use this looks like installed in Minecraft on PC Windows 10, Mac, Android and iPhone, or install mods for the Minecraft pocket edition. How to Make a backpack without mods in Minecraft Very Easy!

requirements for a backpack without mods in Minecraft

despite being a tool alone can be achieved by mods, are also ways of acquiring without them; However, is not a short process but with patience can be achieved very easily.

It is important fact to remember that can be found several chests that can store a wealth of materials that somehow so desempañan an important role for contributing to enhance gameplay. However, in order to have them all Minecraft must update to the latest version available.

Among the variety of known chests, chests lie called Ender. Main items required to make a backpack without mods in Minecraft. These chests are obtained by crafting, using obsidian blocks mined from the depths of the caves and washed with presence of water. plus an eye Enderman need 8 of them are together.

 ender chest in minecraft

you should be aware that block this class are not made of simple material , so it is essential diamond peak to access them without problems. Although once in your hands the lost time will be worth it at all.

When you are in the healthy inventory and saved, starts the process of crafting as usual and joining the 8 blocks of obsidian together Enderman to the eye. Your end result will be none other than a chest Ender ready for begin to shape your desire for a backpack without using mods.

Using the chest Ender as a backpack or second inventory

with the generated completely safe, you just have to unleash the process of storing objects in it as you need for that moment. Has no discrimination as to the type of object or tool to keep as long as yet available space to perform this action.

If your hands have the disposal of an anvil, this will allow you to rename the chest and place the distinction you want (if you do not have to do or crafting an anvil). With your flameante chest Ender and newly appointed, the latter would be able to port it quietly; However, by itself is not an object that can « be dropped » to the inventory with other utensils that have previously been stored in it.

Again, the peak is required diamond to finalize the task. But how? If the chest is affected by the strength of the peak, it will destroy blocks of obsidian, returning to the origin of everything and as icing on the cake, all stored objects without any chance to recover them intact would be lost in the act. < p> diamond peak Minecraft game

Quiet! to correct this peculiarity must obtain and use a peak with a touch of silk. This way, your Diamond Peak not destroy the chest Ender minimal contact. Also, this fantastic tool under the spell « Silk Touch» allow the box to be Dropped to inventory, without compromising the stored objects.

Check it out yourself! If you managed to carry out to the letter the brief tutorial this, the way to make a backpack without mods in Minecraft with a chest of Ender will be completely tour with resounding success.

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