How to Log in and join a Minecraft Server Premium no?


Paying for official Realms can be painful, so probably already you are considering using a server Minecraft no Premium to play with your friends.

Although the copy of the game can cost even so, it is possible to use a channel where no you have to make an additional expense to enter a starting collectively

Premium servers do not, but do not offer the same exclusive.; are still very attractive and amazing elements also improve the gaming experience. How to Enter and join a minecraft server no Premium

To download the game

This section is dedicated to those who do not have the game, but have you think, and are already considering the option of playing in a Premium minecraft server no. You give an official copy is not very difficult; . Simply enter the official website of the developer writing the name of the game in the search of the browser

Then you enter the link that says « Official Site | Minecraft – Mojang «and then select the version standard on the tab that says » Games «

There, you just need to press the green button and then follow. steps that tells you to complete the payment copy of the game. You can perform this same procedure from the official store of Windows 10.

Where can I get a minecraft server no Premium?

Getting a server that is not unique is not very difficult, in fact, it is possible to find him just a quick search on the Internet.


you may notice that many of these servers are creators by the same people who also have one Premium in Minecraft.

This is normal, since many people are unable to afford access to exclusive package Realms of the game; and many create similar versions of their kingdoms in non-premium category. Google has a utility called «Sites» where you can find very easily these IP.

How to connect to a non-Premium server from the game? < p> now, once you’ve got the IP you needed, and you’ve already downloaded the game, now you can join a minecraft server no Premium .

the only thing left to do is start the game, remember that this is often demanding on your computer’s resources. So it is best to have more than 6 GB of RAM, a processor I3 and GPU at the least 1024 MB, compatible with DX11.

This can so run the game all that gives and not have problems momentary slowdown or low-quality graphics. Once you have accessed the game by double-clicking on the desktop icon. . A window will open loading Minecraft, which usually takes a few seconds

At the end of the charging progress you will meet the main menu of the game; where you can choose from several options, from playing any mode, check your achievements and set Settings


to play a Minecraft server Premium not specifically on the you have chosen from the list previously visited, you must press «Play»

This action will take you to a window that has 3 three tabs divided into sections.; The first refers to the mode of solitaire game, called «Worlds» The second is that of friends, and the third, the multiplayer.

As you might guess, you select you the last option and see it empty, but at the head of the table. Just below the tabs is a button.

The same says «Add Server» and he must press to access the window allow you to add you to the server by filling each square with the information requested.

to play with your friends you just have to give specific permissions on your server. It will require the name, IP and port; and each of these data must be accurate to work, and once you do, and can play freely in the non-Premium server.

Even if you avoid unnecessary spending, many users who want enter the Premium server so you can play with famous Youtubers, two of the most acclaimed players and those who want to play and interact many are Mikecrack and Vegetta777.

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