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Look layer Minecraft

Despite being such a popular game, Minecraft is known for not explain his mechanics to the player, leaving each for investigation. Therefore, there are many tutorials on mining or exploration. Often these tutorials speak of altitude, or height, so today we explain how layers work in Minecraft, and how to know what are layer. How Knowing which layer I am Minecraft – Minecraft Watching layer


Before learning about altitude, must be familiar with the concept of coordinates . The game at all times keeps track of the place where you are. Each block of the game has its coordinates, and your coordinates will be those of the block on which you stand. Viewing the coordinates know where you are, as these numbers indicate that you are so far from the «center» of Minecraft.

The coordinate «X» indicates your position to the east or to the west. Each block will move eastward adds a positive number, each block west add one negative. Coordinate «Z» works the same, but indicates your position to the North (positive) or South (negative). The position 0.0 is the origin , or point where the game began.

The coordinate «Y» it is what interests us today, as it measures the altitude of the player. Unlike the «X» and «Z» coordinates, this has no negative numbers because is impossible to go below the point 0 without cheating.

View coordinates to know that I'm layer

The coordinate «Y» we It indicates how high we are, or how deep. When we enter a cave and down to the bottom, our altitude has to be around 20 or 30. On a mountain, is around 100. The lowest point of the world is 0 and is higher than 255.

How do I know which layer in Minecraft?

to find out which, basically you’re know your altitude layer. The layer 15 has an altitude of 15, the layer 30 has a height of 30 and so on. Java Edition (PC version) can see the altitude along with the rest of the coordinates in the debug menu . To view this simply press the «F3» key menu.

In the edition of Windows 10 and other platforms, you can select an option to see your coordinates in the options menu of the world. If that option is activated you can see your coordinates, including your altitude, in the left upper corner .

What is the altitude me? – Other ways of calculating altitude

Altitude is a very important concept to seeing Minecraft tutorials. Some tutorials will explain concepts mining and exploration talking to on Layers and Altitude. Here we are some examples of altitude are very useful, and also can help you calculate your altitude if you can not use the tips above . This information comes from the encyclopedia Minecraft.

In Minecraft, the bottom of the world, the lowest point you can go, is known as the Bedrock or «Bedrock» is a type of block that is impossible to break without cheating. This block covers the entire bottom of the world and makes it impossible to go below the layer 0.

 bedrock layer

  • the clouds are between layer 100 and 150. and Minecraft lets you do so many things that you can even build a house in the air at this point.
  • coal is generated between layer 1 and 119 (most common is 5-56)
  • the water is generated layer 1 111 (it is more common to the level of the sea)
  • the sea is in the layer 63
  • the bottom of the sea is more or less in the layer 45 < li> El Hierro is generated from the layer 1 to 63 (2-58 is most common). This is particularly important because iron will serve to make good tools and other useful objects.
  • El Oro is generated from the layer 1 to 31 (It is more common 4-28)
  • Emerald is generated from the layer 4 to 31 (most common is 5-29)
  • Diamond and Redstone generated layer 1 to 15 (most common are 4-13)
  • below the layer 10 are oceans lava
  • the bedrock is in the last four layers.

    Minecraft tutorials are very useful to improve the game, you learn to make potions and other amazing things. But you always invite you to discover the main thing on your own. Remember that learning is part of the adventure!

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