How to Kill the Dragon in Minecraft and what happens when you kill the Dragon

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Anyone who has played Minecraft, can agree on that while we can do much when we play, one of the main goals is to go to the end. And it is understandable, because if we succeed, this will open a huge door of possibilities within the same game. If this is your goal and you want to enjoy the maximum going to the end, here we show how to kill the dragon in Minecraft and what happens when you kill the dragon . How to Kill the Dragon in Minecraft and It happens when you kill the dragon

in this particular dimension of Minecraft, you’ll find the fearsome dragon . If you’re a brave soul and you want to end it, do not worry at all, because today we explain how to easily achieve it.

How to kill the dragon in Minecraft?

From beginning of our adventure in Minecraft, we face dangers that threaten our progress in the game. Whether due to zombies, skeletons and other monsters that attack us on a daily basis, we are in a constant struggle for survive and do it while we had fun.

But there is a creature that will give us a great battle if we dare to confront it. We are talking about the ender dragon or dragon in the end, a great boss who must be defeated at the end entering. This dragon is black with black eyes, besides being larger entity in the game, which makes it extremely easy to recognize.

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If your goal is to end this beast while playing Minecraft then read on, here we will show you tips to make it. Of course, keep in mind that, to kill the dragon, you need to get to the end through a portal in Minecraft.

What to do to kill the dragon in Minecraft?

the first thing to remember is that you should have as much experience possible for wanting to kill the largest gambling company. It is true that we can all achieve, but it is also true that inexperienced, this task will really complicated to do.

Also you must be sure to have all the resources you need to get to the end and kill the dragon. You must have eyes ender to activate the portal to the end to also have a complete and preferably enchanted armor. And, of course, you must have weapons, specifically bow and many arrows or arrow and bow with infinite charm, plus a sword must crafting diamond. Besides potions and apples gold to help you stay strong.

Once you’re completely ready, the first thing you should do to the face of the dragon, is destroy the crystals of the end They found on the pillars of obsidian. These crystals will allow heal the dragon, so you can never kill it if it continues to renew his life. Shoot these crystals, and attacks the dragon with the sword while pose on the pillars.

The rest of the time, You can throw all the arrows you can, because this will work for end his life while he is flying. If you do this correctly, we assure you will be enjoying your victory very soon.

What happens when you kill the dragon in Minecraft?

You put a lot of effort trying to kill the dragon, and you have accomplished, but what now? Well, much remains to be done. When you’re done with the dragon, you can pick up the dragon breath you want, so you should bring a few bottles of glass.

Also can get the dragon egg , which you can have as a trophy, and a portal through which you can go back to the normal world.

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But most certainly are islands to . When you kill the dragon, a portal will appear in the corner of the main island. Through which, with a pearl ender, you can reach a number of islands where you’ll find several structures, many treasures and, best of all, the wings of elytra.

In short, we can reach the conclusion that go to the end is an excellent decision to advance the game. Although it may sound a bit difficult if you do not have much experience, we encourage you to follow the advice we give to you and kill without fear of the dragon in Minecraft.

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