How to Install Mods Minecraft Pocket in Windows 10 Free Easily (Example)

Minecraft is a game with a very large number of options , which allows players to enjoy more of your gaming experience. In fact, it is possible to get much more thanks to the different mods that are available. If you want to know how to install mods for the Minecraft Pocket in Windows 10, Here we will explain.

The mods make it possible to enjoy more of everything this game has to offer. If used at its best, can get much more benefit to our Minecraft world. And you get greatly playing with more people. So pay close attention to the steps below.

How to install mods for the Minecraft Pocket in Windows 10 free easily?

There is no doubt that, at this point, many people using Minecraft Pocket Edition or PE. This version of the famous game is multiplatform is available for different types of mobile , such as tablets or smartphones. In fact, although the options offered by this version are not equal to those of the PC version are very spacious.

Unfortunately, this version is not available for Windows 10, but if you have a mobile device with this app in the game and want to install mods, there is no problem.

 minecraft on android phone

of course, keep in mind that, to fully enjoy the mods that we will install, it is necessary that you achieve your latest update Minecraft version. Thereby achieve download and install properly the same.

What are the steps to follow to install mods on Minecraft?

Thanks to the large number of apps and tools that have been created to improve Minecraft, you may unload Minecraft Pocket Edition and we install. Here we show you what steps to take to easily and completely free so.

  • To begin with, activated from the settings of your device downloading from unknown sources. This way you can start downloading mods.
  • Download the mod you want, the one you like more.
  • Once done, go to Google Play Store and download the useful app BlockLauncher.
  • Enter a BlockLauncher, which has been previously downloaded.
  • Select the options identified with a key tool.
  • Look for the option of «Managing scripts Modpe» and activate it.
  • When you see a + icon, press it to see a menu pop.
  • once having this menu, select «Local Storage» and seeks the mod you downloaded.
  • When you’ve found it, pressed the button «Download».

    that’s it! Once you’ve done this, files mods downloaded’ve will be loaded into the app Minecraft Pocket Edition. Of course, something to remember is that when you want to start playing with the mod Minecraft, you need to activate the resource and packs behavior, as well as experimental options.

    How do I install Windows 10?

    a to see how easy it is to install mods in Minecraft PE , you probably have desire to do well on your PC. In Minecraft Bedrock, or the version for Windows 10 in the game, it is also entirely possible download and install mods completely free.

    One aspect that can not be overlooked is that do not forget to update the game Minecraft on Windows 10 so you’re always up to date. The steps you have to follow are:.

    • Download the mod that you like on your PC
    • When you download the mod, click on the mod once downloaded to enter Minecraft BE.
    • Minecraft once inside, go to the options.

       minecraft game on laptop

      • in the section» Resource Packs «select your mod and activate it.
      • also enable experimental options.
      • Then, before creating a new world, select the options and active packs behaviors and resources. < / ul>

        Done! Now you just have to start playing and to enjoy all that mods you installed the new offer. We want you all this information can be useful, and that you achieve download and install all the mods you want in Minecraft, regardless of the version of the game that count.

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