How to Have Pixelmón in Minecraft – Minecraft Play with Pokemon (Example)

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The best of two worlds, the creators of the popular Minecraft leave no room for boredom, knowing that many of his fans players are fans of Pokémon have gotten way to include characters in the world of Minecraft and you can play with them, everything is possible thanks to a Mod named Pixelmon, but What’s wonderful about this merger and as you have Pixelmon

Wonders of Pixelmon in Minecraft

must input know that will get you to your favorite Pokémon creatures while transitas by the Minecraft universe that you created. It is no longer just about the monsters in Minecraft, but can interact with Pokemons. You decide if you fight with them to advance in the game or if the catch to integrate your team.

You will be able make several matching accessories for the Pokémon universe to be part of your constructions Minecraft < p> Pixelmon allows interaction with these creatures is very close. You can use any Pokémon you capture as a combat tool. The get in environments that match their skills. So explore the desert, forest or water bodies, surely you stumble upon your favorite.

If you met with your favorite Pokemon as you ramble around the map of your universe Minecraft. Do not worry, it’s time to unearth valuable things. Surely you can get your favorite character. ancestral Pokémon in the form of fossil, go and make the discovery.

Take advantage of creating objects that will be useful to your Pokemons during combat. If end badly injured, do not worry recovering from his wounds. Another thing to keep in mind to playing against the environment, ie against the computer, you c onnect online with other players and use your Pokémon in battle. < / p>

in addition, you can share your passion in other environments of the game. Minecraft allows fans are in gymnasiums created by the server, where they can give training his Pokemons. to show off combat skills and be rewarded for it.

Pixelmon it will soon offer generations more surprises and improvements, so updates will soon be sure to give us a better gaming experience in this universe, however how can you have Pixelmon? Get ready to start enjoying the best of both worlds.

How to Pixelmon

The best news is, Pixelmon can download it for free , ¿wonderful way ?, but not rush does not need to have installed the original Minecraft and updated, can make downloading from the official website of Pixelmon Generations, where you can choose the mod you want.

However, not all operating systems perform the installation in the same way as you say how to do if you use Mac or PC (not Windows 10, there is no way to do it legitimately.)

to install must do the following, first mod download page Pixelmon Generations, be sure to download Minecraft Forge; second must start the game and enter the settings, create a folder, that folder stored in the mod you have downloaded, salt play; third starts again, locate the ‘profile’ option, there find Minecraft Forge, select and ready.

 minecraft scenario pixelmon

If you’re using Minecraft on mobile devices, you must investigate how to download mods on your device model, remember not all allow downloading unknown sites so the level of complications at discharge may vary from one device to another.

Participate in this game has been entertaining, many fans continue to grow, but when these two worlds merge, is a dream come true. You know like having Pixelmón, play Minecraft with Pokémon and make your games more entertaining.

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