How To Get Obsidiana and that peak in Minecraft What Can Fabricate with Obsidiana?

How to Get Obsidian Minecraft

Video games have been used long as entertainment and to spend those moments of boredom. With the passing of time these have been adapted to the new requirement of the growing population of players.

These users are the ones who make video games are what they are today for this reason with the passing of time they have been obliged to best develop games . Thus, it is now possible to have a lot of categories. How to Get Obsidiana and that peak in Minecraft What Can Fabricate with Obsidiana?

These categories are used to classify the different types of video games that currently they exist, among the most famous games are action adventure. Recently suited to a style of open world .

What is obsidian and where to get it?

Among the most famous games in recent years is positioned very popular game Minecraft, an exploration game where players can interact with every part of the game. The popularity of this game has been such that it has positioned itself as one of the most played games and more widely accepted.

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the constant development and evolution of the game has led to launch a series of new versions, which has features much more advanced than previous. In Minecraft can play with people around the world and live incredible adventure.

In version 0.30 added an element called «Obsidian» which has a Roco aspect of black color. This is a very strange element to get in the game, usually appears when two streams meet one of Lava and water.

For this reason, to get this item usually a little full, but with a little technique can be made very easily. When water flows and lava collide rock is created, but under the right conditions Obsidiana arises.

also usually appears over a lava block , when Obsidiana block must take advantage of it are. Therefore, it is important to know how to collect it.

What peak can collect Obsidian?

It is very important to understand that not any peak is suitable Obsidiana to collect at the time of trying to undermine it may be noticed. If done with any peak block is desboronará and will be impossible to collect it.

The peak with which to undermine the Obsidiana should be a peak Diamond , this is the peak suitable for effectively collecting it. The time it takes to undermine this element with the peak usually diamond be about 7.5 seconds.

In case of not possessing a peak diamond, this can be manufactured very easily, just you should look for a mine diamond and manufacture it with some wood. At the moment, to find the Obsidiana element, this peak will be used to collect it successfully.

What can be manufactured with Obsidiana?

It is common, ask yourself what it is or it can be manufactured with Obsidiana element, since if it is a difficult element to obtain what is used. If this is the case, in this article, you will be known that can be manufactured with Obsidiana.

One thing common for which usually collect this element is create a portal to hell . On average should be used 10 to 14 blocks of Obsidian for this portal. Similarly, a material highly resistant to explosions and attacks , so it is often used to make Bunkers. Similarly, is an element used to make tables spell and cast spells.

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If you talk about decoration, Obsidiana is an element widely used to decorate the house and hallways thanks to its appearance. Last but not least, it is used for make lighthouses , you can also make and order a chest Ender.

Thinly, we hope this article has provided you with ayuda.Sin yet we like to know your opinion been able to get Obsidiana following these steps? What else do you know that can be manufactured with Obsidiana in Minecraft? Leave your answers in the comments.

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