How to get Cuero in Minecraft with rotten meat or leather Farm? (Example)

Heroes and Minecraft mobs

Minecraft is a game which it allows to exploit the creativity, as this lets you perform almost anything to literally all objects. For this very reason, make tutorials needed to know all combinations of items; With that in mind today learn to I get leather Minecraft with rotten meat or farm leather. How To Get Leather in Minecraft with rotten meat or farm leather

Getting leather Minecraft with rotten meat or farm leather

in order to answer the initial question of how to get minecraft leather with rotten meat or leather ?, farm must separate it into two; First you will see how to farm leather.

Note a farm can be simple or automatic , and actually the way to do it is creativity of everyone, but with this example you can guide.

what you have to do is create a box and place it on the floor (can be two States) , then take two hoppers and placed one on the side left of the chest and the other followed this (if you know how to make and use a hopper that works, you have to look, because it is required to continue). Then, taking a block which like (preferably wool but is immaterial), and place it on top of the first hopper (which is the side of the chest)

 leather minecraft

Now put a this block in front and one behind . Then place two more blocks to the left side of each (shall be a kind of C). Just after having done that, sets a block to the left side of the second hopper, and above this, put a dispenser.

should have an O surrounding the second hopper leaving in the middle, add blocks above to bring them up to a height level.

having this completed, another standing block top where is the dispenser and opposite put a wooden fence, as the last step < / strong>, destroy the block you did for the left fence floating in the middle of or just above the hopper.

Set to run the farm

When you’re done the above already have the initial structure, so you’re closer to answering the first part of the question How to get leather in Minecraft with rotten meat or farm leather? so it’s time put to work the farm. For this you must put a button on the block that is above the dispenser, and also placed a bucket with water within the same.

With that done, you just have to bring two cows and put them inside or above the hopper (you have to break the wooden fence that and put it back when they are inside). Then press the button and the water comes out and letting float cows feed them wheat, aliméntalas until they reach the limit of mobs that may be on a single block (24).

a the reach limit begin to die and leather fall directly into the chest through the hoppers. for more you only have to keep feeding them to keep them dying. < p> that process will be ready and your farm is running smoothly without error, it is not fully automatic because you have to feed them to the cows, but it is still functional.

Minecraft skin

a once have passed the creation of a farm, can do more things like automatic build a farm fishing, or take a shower and bathtub realistic, everything depends on your imagination.

Getting leather rotten meat

You completed your farm successfully, now you just need to see how you get leather rotten meat, thus answering the question How to get leather in Minecraft with rotten meat or farm leather? completely .

what you need to know is that it is not possible to do this in the game as normal, since the rotten meat does not have such use, in order to achieve this you’ll have to install a mod.

There are several online, but you get to find the one that is compatible with your version, one very good is the flesh to rotate Leather, which is available for several versions. It is a question of looking for the one you like and install it in your game, that depends on you, but beware of pirates mods.

Remember that some corrupt file can damaging the base game, so they should get a guide to install mods in Minecraft Windows 10 PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

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