How to Find Wolves and Dogs for Minecraft as tame? (Example)

The game Minecraft is very broad and It has a huge range of objects and creatures which anyone can enjoy. Because of this large amount, many players do not know how they can interact with this world full (especially if you manage and update Minecraft to the latest version). With that in mind today learn to find wolves and dogs in Minecraft and as domesticate . How to Find Wolves and Dogs for Minecraft and How to domesticate

And, the phrase the dog is the best friend of the man, also applies to this title. Because one of the best companies in the game when you are playing alone, are the wolves that have been domesticated, which not only will provide support but will protect you from any danger that lurks . < / p>

How to find wolves and dogs in Minecraft and as domesticate?

Now, to answer both questions must be separated in two, so that beyond a better understanding of the subject. In addition please note that wolves and dogs are the same (there is a dog as such).

The first thing you learn today will be like finding a wolf in the wild in the game, because with that information will be able to resolve the question How to find wolves and dogs in Minecraft and how to domesticate? , more effectively.

to find them you do not have to do anything special, just enough to stroll through several biomes. Such environments are forest and taiga, the second in which more appear (to make the process of finding them easier should look like finding villages and biomes in Minecraft). Almost always they are in large grassy meadows surrounded by any other creature.

may be alone or in packs, but it is common to go eight to the same time. Wolves do not will attack you unless you hit them, if that becomes the case the whole herd will come against you.

 white wolf Minecraft

wolves eyes turn red when they are upset (only in the wild), and They will not stop attacking you to kill you or drive you away. Wolves marry sheep and pigs, so it is not good to have a farm of them near a forest unprotected.

In his state wildest these creatures have fewer lives than their counterparts domesticated and being less than 50% of the cry. Any wolf can be tamed, this action will not only change their behavior but also prevent disappear from the map if you walk away.

domesticate a wolf

Now that you know how to behave and where you can find them, it’s time to answer the second part of the question How to find wolves and dogs in Minecraft and as tame? To tame your wolf bones must give pressing the right-click with the same material in hand. That appeal is killing skeletons and all you stop having your own wolf or dog (get bones fast in minecraft is very easy).

The number of bones that should give always varies, but usually not five passes. You’ll know that your wolf is already domesticated because a red collar appears around your neck (while you give bones were floating hearts).

Once the creature is yours will not disappear from the game, and it will follow you everywhere and you can give orders like you feel when you right-click on it. When an enemy attacks your wolf will too but this sitting , just as you will defend itself if attacked are

 wolf bones getting minecraft

the skin color of your wolf will never change, but with hints if you can change the color of her necklace on the other. If you want to be played you just have to give pork or beef two wolves (no matter whether it is raw or cooked), they got together and leave a small version will also be yours.

and ready, with that you read before, you know enough to say that the questions How to find wolves and dogs in Minecraft and how to domesticate? , has been answered. The next step is to go to your game and start gathering your herd to increase the fun.

Remember that wolves are not the only animal that can tame. You can also attract and domesticate pigs, cats, chickens and other animals in Minecraft.

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