How to Find Oceans and Oceans Temples in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a game with lots of variety. There are many biomes you can explore and many ways to play. You can play as an adventurer, or as a builder, even as a pirate. Today we show how to find oceans and temples in the oceans. How to Find Oceans and Temples in the oceans in Minecraft

What is an ocean in Minecraft?

As in the real world, Minecraft ocean is a large expanse of water that occupies from the sea level to the seabed. In Minecraft, the sea level is 63 blocks altitude. If you know it is not easy to know what you are looking altitude layer where you are.

The bottom of the sea varies greatly, with hills and valleys and caves and kelp forests. On average, the bottom of the sea is 45 blocks high, according to the Encyclopedia of Minecraft.

The oceans are easy to find as occupy quarter all the world of Minecraft. In addition, the ocean is the biome Minecraft containing more structures, since it cities are generated in ruins and sunken ships more than villages or other structures that exist in the mainland.

Temples submarine

If you came to this article, chances are you want to know more about underwater temples . To do this you must first know that there are several types of ocean. Normal ocean is about 18 blocks high and it generated seaweed forests, cities in ruins and sunken ships. He also appear in fish, dolphins and drowned.

The Temples Submarines only appear in an ocean variant called «Ocean Deep» . These oceans have more than 30 blocks high and sometimes may have caves full of lava.

 Search oceanos in Minecraft

Note: in this article, we use the term» Temples Submarines «but also called » Monuments Submarines «, » Temples ocean « or » Monuments ocean. «

finding oceans and temples submarine

Find an ocean is very easy, if you walk in one direction is guaranteed that sooner or later you will find it. The real question is how to find deep oceans, where submarines temples are generated.


The oceans are very common, so explore to find an ocean should not be too hard. If you use the Java version, you can see the biome in which you are pressing the «F3» button (This activates the debug menu ).

If you find an ocean, pay attention to the debug menu. The ID of the ocean is «ocean» and that of the deep ocean is «deep_ocean.» While you’re there, pay attention to the bottom of the sea , try to explore all the sunken ships you see. And if you’re in the deep ocean, pay attention until you see a temple.

Find oceans using tricks

The scan may take a while, and You can make it easier to use commands . The command «/ locatebiome» lets you locate any biome; if you enter the command «/ locatebiome ocean» or «/ locatebiome deep_ocean» the game will indicate the location of the ocean and deep ocean respectively.

This command tells you the location coordinates of the ocean. You can see your current coordinates in the debug menu. To move you, travel can, or you can use the command «/ tp» to teleport. If the commands fail, it may be that your world does not have cheats enabled, or the administrator of the world do not have granted permission.

An external application

There are external applications that you allow to find biomes seed entering the world, and we recommend using the best seeds for this. In this article we recommend ChunkBase. Simply enter the seed your world and select the biome you want to find.

 Find oceanos and temples in Minecraft

» X «and» Z «enter the coordinates where you are, where your home or in a reference point to know where you are, and from there you can browse until you find a desert. You can zoom in or out to find the desert closer to your position

If you do not know the seed of your world, you can figure it out using the command «/ seed»;. this command you can use it even tricks whether or not muted permission mindful of the administrator.

Find oceans and temples using maps treasure

the most fun way to get temples Submarines is reading a map of the treasure . These single maps can get the buy them from the cartographers villagers .

If we want you to take something from this article you just read, is to have fun always looking for adventure each biome you are. Each biome has its own adventures to offer!

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