How to find and tame one Enderman in Minecraft? Is there a Enderman Blanco?

Enderman Minecraft

Having to domesticate one Enderman in Minecraft can be what more interesting, a kind of dog you can follow us everywhere with his teleportation. He considers that later we’ll talk a little about the highly acclaimed white Enderman has created much controversy for its «apparitions».

Taming one sounds Enderman something super fun and useful for their ability teleportation. Minecraft lets you tame beings out of this world like a dragon. How to find and tame one Enderman in Minecraft? Is there a Enderman Blanco?

How to tame one Enderman in Minecraft?

To achieve this domestication need some things, first, a tag name or name tag, which will allow you to stay with Enderman . Be prepared with a sword if domestication not work properly, Keep in mind that the Enderman can attack you in the process.

Well, now you just need to get yourself a Enderman, the best of these creatures is that they can appear in any dimension, therefore, will not be so difficult to find them. To tame one Enderman in Minecraft you need to be very agile , the first thing to do is to face him, although this usually do bother, there’s a trick.

If you stare at the Enderman, while doing so, this will not attack you, you must keep the set look on his face, do not remove it. You’ll have to wait for the Enderman stop being upset, once the dust settles, will place you the name tag , done that, the monster will follow you anywhere.

Know there is a small detail, these creatures can not take forever as other pets, as they come into contact with water will die.

 Landscape Enderman

Is it really worth domesticating one Enderman in Minecraft?

unless you want to have fun a bit with a Enderman running after you, but may hurt you, this is a taming that does not have much functionality . Really interesting, this skill is the ability to beat the Enderman without much risk or prevent hurt us at a critical time.

You need to be very careful about doing this activity, remember that Unlike other animals, this creature can hurt you if you stop seeing . In addition, it is very interesting that this only creature follows you, do not give any skill or can use it to carry bucket or something like that.

On the other hand, be careful not to try to make this domestication in one place with several Enderman, this only paralyzes one, the others alike can attack you.

How true is the story of white Enderman?

There are many versions of this creature mythical Minecraft that, at some point really existed, but is there currently white Enderman? interesting it would be to tame one Enderman in Minecraft, especially if white this was, but the truth is different and maybe a little disappointing.

Many experienced players and some members of the staff Minecraft confirmed that there was this white Enderman some beta version of an update. The popularity of this Enderman thanks to the comments that came out around his brief appearance in the beta version of the game was created.

 Enderman squat

of which many things were discussed, it was a creature of horror, he was invincible, that sounds really scary with and more, but nothing concrete. Although many people showed «evidence» of their existence in other versions of the game, it has been possible to confirm that this really only existed in that single version.

Later, thanks to the popularity of the creature, it was possible that the art team of the game that really confirmed never was a Enderman White . This could be observed in certain areas of the game for error lights that area, which could this be seeing that color so much it has become popular.

It is expected that perhaps at some point and with new updates, this Enderman appears as a major challenge in some hidden space End dimension.

If you’re a quieter and not so adventurous person, do not worry Minecraft also has normal animals chickens, cats and dogs to domesticate, you will also find more exotic animals like horses, you llamas and parrots.

in Minecraft can get a lot of creatures and animals, as are the Herobine and Wither, these are some of the main characters in the game.

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