How to find and access the folder .minecraft Very easy! (Example)

Today we will see how to find and access the folder .minecraft a very easy way . In this folder all files in the game are saved, so if you want to add textures or mods, you must do it from here. How to Find and access the folder .minecraft Very Easy!

folder. minecraft is the one that is created by default and using the game to run. After accessing the folder .minecraft we will find all the files needed to run the game: pack of textures, music, sound, .jar files, mods, worlds created, saved games, download maps and worlds for Minecraft, etc.

access to this folder is important for many things, among which is the most interesting thing would be to add new modifications created by users, packages textures and graphical enhancements , among other things.

Many users complain they do not get access to it or directly, do not know where you are. That is why we will see in this simple tutorial, two methods you can give to the Minecraft folder.

Finding it is very simple, usually always located in the same place. However, for some reason may not be able to find her with the first method. Then we leave you the second you have no chance to fail.

In this way get access to the folder in question and can quickly edit everything you need to leave the game as you like < / strong>. Just you are going to have to follow the steps we’ll leave a little down.

 minecraft game

Where is the .minecraft folder

  • in Windows, the folder usually always located on route% AppData% . minecraft
  • the way to enter the folder is pressing «Start» and then typing «Run» press enter.
  • then you’ll have to write «% AppData% . minecraft» without quotes.

    if you can not find the folder in this way. Do not worry because there is another method for finding the folder of this great game. This method we will see further down.

    scenario minecraft

    How to find the .minecraft folder step

    • to find the folder Minecraft, let’s open the launcher of the game and start session .
    • When we access it, we see that at the bottom is a button that says «Options» on the left side appears. We click on this.
    • In this section we find a lot of options you can change. But the one that interests us is the one that says «Resource Pack».
    • Here we will see all resource bundles, this section is for various add designs for all textures of the game.
    • But what we really need to do is click on «Open folder» located in the lower left corner of the screen.

      in this way we will get to enter the folder .Minecraft. Similarly, if you want quick access to it and not having to rely on open the game, this can be done in a simple way.

      • To do this we simply right-click and then .minecraft select «Copy».
      • then let’s desk and we right click on an empty space.
      • In this dropdown menu you should select «Paste shortcut».
      • After this each time demos double click on the shortcut, can access the folder .minecraft a simple and fast way.

        As you can appreciate this tutorial is too simple and you know two ways to access this folder. However, if you still have any kind of questions or concerns about this or installing mods in Minecraft on PC Windows 10, Mac, Android and iPhone, you can leave it in the comments section where you can find a little more down and will be delighted to help you in all that s ea possible. Or if you are interested you can also see how to download and install xray mode in Minecraft.

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