How to download, install and activate RTX for use in Minecraft

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The company NVIDIA together with Microsoft it has announced that «Minecraft RTX» will start from a beta version on 16 April this year. It will provide users with an already existing decade, more and better graphics experience in the vast universe of Minecraft thanks to its latest version. how to download, install and activate RTX for use in Minecraft

Also, to access this beta only require to have «Minecraft» for Windows 10, download and turn down the free upgrade shown in the Xbox InsiderHub and have a graphics card GeForce RTX 2060 for enjoy this experience.

then you explain what you do to download, install and activate the RTX on your computer and enjoy this new graphic level.

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How do I download Minecraft RTX?

First of all, so you can play this version you must have on your PC operating system Windows 10 because it is only for this platform. Thus, it is a mandatory requirement that must be met in the installation and then follow these instructions:

  1. Place yourself in the task bar icon Windows to proceed to search the store «Windows store «and in the search for and install Xbox InsiderHub.
  2. Realized the previous step, open Xbox InsiderHub and click the» burger menu «that is located in the upper left corner (this symbolized with three lines small horizontal).
  3. Proceed to connect by selecting «Insider Content» and now select «Minecraft for Windows 10» made whole procedure will click to «Join».
  4. Arrived at this point, you can click on «Manage» and select (if desired) to be part of the beta version normal Minecraft (Minecraft beta) or raytracing version (Minecraft RTX beta) this second option is to activate. < / li>
  5. once downloaded version of Minecraft RTX, download the latest version of the optimized driver in BP gina Nvidia to play without inconvenience.

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    What do I need to use Minecraft RTX?

    it is necessary that your computer has a graphics card GeForce RTX 2060 to play fluidly with a resolution FullHD (ie 1080p).

    thus, with no low RTX mode of 30 frames per second, which is why you should consider this as achieved using technology graphic scaling DLSS 2.0 Nvidia, that applies artificial intelligence to enlarge images without losing quality.

    for now, as the game Minecraft RTX is in beta, should be aware that the game is not fully optimized and therefore may find inconsistency when playing with DLSS. Until then, suggests placing the setting in 1080p or 1440p or tro way, if you have the RTX 2080 card can play without problems.

    Improvements in the graphics minecraft RTX

    With this new technology in the game, marks a watershed then in contrast to the classic Minecraft version, since the add global illumination, shadows and reflections using the raytracing (in Spanish means «ray tracing» which is responsible for improving the lighting, shadows and reflections video games) in all existing objects within the world of Minecraft.

    in turn, objects that radiate or emit light are here more essential because it really determines whether you can see inside some space specifically allowing you as a player, more interaction with the environment.

    this is how the implementation of this new technology smooth textures and improving the performance of the video game, allows greater experience and reality to you as a player is expe rimentando into the game, making this a unique experience.

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