How to download and install maps for Minecraft in all versions

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it is important to know that Minecraft is a game which was created in 2011. So various users from children to adults are involved in the adventures that block game offers. How to download and install maps for Minecraft on all versions

the game is notable for the exploration is done through the various worlds you have, just as the same user or player mode can build your own world. But in such case you want to live new experiences can achieve because you can download a series of maps which have been created thinking about the game.

They are available for the diversity of available versions of Minecraft. That’s why I will explain below how to download them to enjoy them as worlds in your game.

Find out how to install maps for different versions of Minecraft

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To install maps should download the version you have in your game , for example map for version 1.12.2 or Diversity 1.14. In turn, for different must versions search the map and select the one you like.

There is a lot of variety and you can choose the one you prefer, from Skyblock, Honey Jump, Trail flowers, Falling Falling, Addicted, An Adventure I Guess, among many other alternatives that you always have on hand and never get bored playing Minecraft, you only need to download and choose where you want to save the download.

then we locate the downloading held at the desk where we visualize a map file compressed and we click on «extract here» . This way you will see a folder named maps. It brings about twenty maps.

Once you ubiques in the folder will open and you will see the diversities of folders which contain maps. If you want to copy can all or select can of your choice.

If you want you can choose a single folder and give copy , then you must place in the top of the folder in the box that says maps. A being there must delete the route and place must% AppData% once you’ve written must press «enter» and automatically it will redirect you to the roaming folder.

A being located there you can find the root folder of Minecraft you just have to open it and then select the folder with the name «saves» . In that folder it is where all items are stored and where you can install the map or maps what the case.

Steps to paste maps and check was done correctly

Steps to paste the Minecraft maps < / p>

then you open the folder and paste the map , remember you can press «Ctrl + V» to paste. Way that will automatically display as the file begins to stick to that folder, you just wait a few seconds and go. So you’ve downloaded and then installed maps for your game.

After that, there is only place you in the game to see if the process was successful. You will have to click on «a player» and there in the world will see option to select the maps you create or those installed. Only you subtracted to double click and open the world for you to start your game.

It should be noted that this set of maps contain diversities of worlds which have been created in order to enjoy a new experience in your game. Similarly Minecraft mode users will find a different way to entertain.

So this open world game gives you the ability to build or acquire your own universe through blocks. And you do not have a specific mission in the game but only build.

In short, the follow this set of steps correctly can download and enjoy new experiences that will make the game more fun through different worlds.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion Have you been able to download and install maps for Minecraft? Do you know another way to do this? Leave your answers in the comments.

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