How to Create Shortcut Minecraft on Windows 10 and where it appears (Example)

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Having easy access fast this game. This article will explain create a shortcut in Windows 10 of the video game Minecraft. You will also discover where the shortcut appears as change of place.

Minecraft is an adventure game open world famous worldwide. In this game we can make our imagination and make an endless number of objects, buildings and more. How to Create Shortcut Minecraft on Windows 10 and where it appears

Create a shortcut Minecraft on Windows 10

As we saw in the introduction of this article, Minecraft is a very famous game and appealing to people of all ages. Basically what makes this game so popular is the number of users or players can run the game on your computer , if you already have installed on your Windows 10 can upgrade it.

Mainly because the game itself has a very minimal system requirements. That’s why you do not need a computer next generation because the game is compatible with many types of low-end computers.

But let’s answer the question How to create a shortcut Minecraft on Windows 10? Because the steps are fairly straightforward. To create the shortcut , we’ll show you step by step how to do it.

If you have not downloaded have Minecraft on your PC can download the latest version free, once we have downloaded the game, you need install it on your computer, to run this program as an administrator and complete the installation steps. At the end of the game installation, usually created automatically a shortcut by default.

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appears on the desktop of your computer. Of course, not in all cases happens , so if you have not created a shortcut you automatically. Then you will see the steps to create the shortcut.

Steps to create a shortcut for Minecraft

do not appear shortcut Minecraft to the installation, we create ourselves the shortcut. For this, the steps are simple enough.

First we go to the capeta where the game was installed. Note that this folder you can choose it in one of the installation steps. If you have not configured the installation path, is defaults to Local Disk C – Program file – Minecraft

In the folder Minecraft, we seek the implementation of Minecraft. . You have to keep in mind that we should not be guided by the icon of the game rather. Ensure that says Minecraft exit values ​​» application or in your exe default «.

A the find we will only click the right button of the mouse and then in the list of options appears you click « create shortcut «. Clever! So quick and easy shortcut Minecraft is created.

We have the shortcut created Minecraft. But now it appears Where? Well, then answer this question in an easy and simple way.

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Where is the shortcut?

When we do all the steps that we mentioned and create the shortcut. This default appears in the same folder where is the video game Minecraft installed.

In order to easily identify it is created with the name « Minecraft shortcut «. This icon can copy and paste it anywhere or folder you want. But we’ll show you Tip to create a shortcut that automatically appears on the Windows 10 desktop . To do this follow the steps.

We locate the installation folder and right-click with the mouse on the icon of the video game Minecraft. Then in the options list, place the cursor on the « send » and then select the option to create « shortcut on the desktop «. < p> by doing this we can have direct access to the video game Minecraft and running quickly at any time. So do not waste time looking for in the folders and creates the shortcut for your video game Minecraft, enjoy it to the maximum downloading maps and worlds in Windows 10.

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