How to create and open a Minecraft Server Minecraft or PE in Aternos? (Example)

One of the best things about the title of Minecraft it is the fact that anyone can play in an open community which is fully customizable (you can even make or create a skin within worlds). Already that, because of its large fan base there are many online servers, with that in mind today you will learn to create and open a server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in Aternos. Creating and opening a Server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in Aternos

If you do not sound at all the name servers above, then you’re not a true fan of this game. Because basically Aternos is one of the best sites that exist to generate server, since this is free and has a great support that guarantees you hours of fun.

How create and open a server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in Aternos?

So you can create and open a server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in Aternos , you have to consider two things : number one is that it is completely free and not have to pay anything for this. And number two, is that you can create for any version of the game that you or your friends have installed (look for the one that best suits you).

The first thing you have to do to get or create your own server online is go directly to the page, which can be reached from any browser. In entering into this, you’ll notice that on the home screen tells you all the benefits create an account and also server will show creators and collaborators of the same.

creeper in the desert

This is important if you want more information, but if you want to create your server once, give the blue button labeled « Play » which is right there, that action will will lead to another section where you must create an account if you do not have or log in. In either single cases you should follow the instructions and fill in all the fields you ask, as the username and email.

Once you’re inside you’ll see many configuration options, which interest you is called «Start your server «, and you can identify it by name and because there is an icon white rocket into it.

Setting server < p> Now that you have given to the button, you’re one step closer to creating and open a Minecraft server Minecraft or PE in Aternos, but before completing the last phase must configure it. To do this go to the menu «Options» link on the left side of the screen, there you will see many parameters that can and should set as you want, for example:

The mode of the game (if it is difficult, easy or normal), non-player characters (the villagers), accomplishments (enable own achievements in the game), underworld (Nether), creatures (aggressive mobs), Whitelist (I let you create a table with people who can play) PVP (enables fights or battles), among others.

 server alternate blue minecraft

When and they set each and every one of these as you think best, you have to go to the option is called» Software < / strong> «in this choose what kind of want version that runs on the server.

Finally go to» server «and hit the green button labeled» start «, with this you will the name of your server, which must place in your Minecraft (you have to enter before within 5 minutes or the server is shut down for lack of people).

And ready, the question How to create and open a server Minecraft or Minecraft PE in Aternos? has been answered, so do not subtract more to do than go to the page and follow the steps.

Remember that for functions servers and should not have lowered the Minecraft their official website that is where all versions are, (download and install Minecraft PE is different so you have to look for a guide to play in this version).

As a final tip, you should upgrade to the latest version Minecraft to play on a server (that is where the newest items are).

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