How to craft Tiles in Minecraft? – Glazed terra cotta tiles

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Minecraft crafting tile is one of the new fashions in decoration that abound today in the game. Perhaps not even know them but with their unique designs and bright colors certainly are the color point many expected for their creations How to craft Tiles in Minecraft. – terra cotta tiles Glazed

Now, make a Minecraft tile is not complicated, but the process involves several stages follow. The first thing is to arm yourself with a good shovel and a furnace fuel, this along with patience and desire to explore is all you need. You now only have to remain vigilant as follows:

Get clay in Minecraft

First, the first thing to do is make a shovel any material , but most often it recommended stone. Armed with your tool also now find a body of water, preferably a river or lake.

Once found, note that usually clay being underwater and on the banks < / strong>, so sometimes extraction is somewhat complicated. Once there, look for a block of a different texture to the sand or soil, gray.

This is the clay were looking for and at this point you just have to undermine it with the shovel. You’re one step closer to crafting in Minecraft tiles, so you can gather all. With this you will not get the full block just mine but 4 pieces of clay, however, need to re-convert these pieces block.

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Doing this is very simple, on a desk or in your own inventory put your four pieces of clay, you have to harden in an oven and get back your block; If you do not have an oven can do for yourself. If you already have experience playing an additional recommendation would be to use a shovel Enchantment touch of silk and so get the block directly.

Develop terracotta Minecraft

Previously terracotta was called hardened clay, something like sandstone, and the like it, can be found in certain biomes. However, since finding the biome table is not as fast and can be complicated enough, is the best that you do for yourself.

You only need blocks clay has previously mined and rearmed, a furnace and fuel. Most often, usually coal, but you can also use cubes of lava or wooden objects, although the latter are not as efficient.

Place your clay bricks in the oven and add fuel, this will toughen the clay and get your own homemade terracotta . You could use it as well but the ultimate goal is to craft tiles in Minecraft, do not forget.

crafting tiles in Minecraft

Now is the moment of truth, the final two steps to get your own tiles which make beautiful designs in the game.


first, you must take your terracotta already done and give it the color of your choice. Choose between white, black light blue, gray, brown, orange, yellow, green, light gray, magenta, lime green, cyan, red, pink, purple, blue and black.

 colorful tiles

to do this, you just have to take 8 blocks of terra cotta and place in the grid manufacturing table forming a hollow square. The you central place the dye that you have chosen and voila, you get your tinted terracotta.


Second and last and only you go through the process of glazing, thus, have genuinely reached the point of crafting tiles in Minecraft.

Now you just have to take your tile and stained and place it back in the oven, thereby you get a unique and exclusive design of the color used . They can be used in groups of four in a pattern, but now just unleash your imagination.

Other decorative materials you can get in the game is glass, you can use on windows, this material can share it. And even you can paint it the color you want.

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